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DIY Interior Design Tricks Part 1

DIY Interior Design Tricks Part 1

Regardless of whether you have just moved in to a new home or apartment, got a promotion and now have your own office, or if you are simply looking to reinvigorate your home with a new sense of style, interior decorating is one of the best go to methods for refreshing your senses and bringing new vigor into your life. But interior decorating can easily and quickly become one of the most expensive undertakings you can pursue…if you have a professional do it. Fortunately, there are countless things you can do by yourself to lively up your home. Check out the following DIY interior decorating tricks to achieve a whole new living space on your own. And do not forget to check out your options for window film as well as door decals. Decorative static clings and screen door magnets can do wonders for your living space, delivering an ultra cost effective and extremely easy way to transform entire rooms within just minutes.

Make Your Rooms Look and Feel Larger

You can effectively make smaller rooms in your home look and feel larger through the use of lighter colors. Light colors help encourage a more expansive feeling, whereas you might use darker colors in rooms that you feel are too spacious since the darker colors absorb light and seem to reduce the dimensions of the room. And since light and airy is what makes a room feel larger, you will also want to make sure you get the most from your windows. That is why you would want to use see through window film, since that is what will allow the most light in to help your rooms feel larger.

See Through Door Decal

Mirrors can also go a long way in making your rooms feel larger since they create the lovely illusion of virtually doubling your room. Similarly, you can also use mirror adhesive filmon your exterior window spaces, which can help make your house look bigger from the outside.

Mirrored Adhesive Film

Mix and Match to Inject Playful Energy

Themes are obviously useful when it comes to interior design style. But sometimes an overly strict adherence to themes can limit creativity and lead to a feeling of stuffiness. Yes, you should still try to apply an overall sense of a theme throughout your home, but do not let that feel like everything has to be 100 percent homogenous. Instead, take some liberties with your interior design by mixing and matching. For example, try mixing up your patterns and textures. Try pairing a glossy smooth glass coffee table with a nice lush shag carpet. Or a heavily patterned couch with a smooth leather armchair. Similarly, you can add a few antiques here and there without having to feel like you need something old and charming in every room. And in one room, you could have a modern art painting, while in the other room, you could try a rendition of an older classic painting. Do not be afraid to go with your personal tastes and trust your instinct when it comes to deciding what will make you happy with your interior design.

Make Old, New

Fortunately, you do not always need to buy completely new things in order to achieve a completely brand new look. A great example of this is slip covers. Granted, slip coves have gotten a touch of a bad reputation, but that is because people they have chosen whatever ones they had on hand and have terribly mismatched them with their rooms. When done right though, slip covers allow you to transform any of your furnishings with ease at a fraction of the cost. Slip covers provide a great way to deliver a wonderful accent piece to any theme or, in the case of Feng Shui interior design, provide a way to promote and enhance the specific energy field you are striving for in that particular space. Plus, slip covers have the wonderful benefit of being extremely easy to wash since you can just toss them in your washing machine if anyone spills or soils them. After you select the slip cover that best suits your energy preferences, you then get to have the fun of selecting a frosted glass decal, sometimes referred to as frosted window cling to match your new slip cover.

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