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Style Your Windows This Season With These Winter Window Films

Style Your Windows This Season With These Winter Window Films

Winter is upon us, and it is the perfect time to use winter window films on your windows. 

It is fun and easy to add a festive hint of winter to your windows, glass kitchen doors, or partitions in your home or office with these winter window films.

You can install all of these window films yourself, which makes them easy and affordable to use.

Add a touch of the crispness of winter to give your home a stylish look and celebrate the change in seasons with a distinct appearance for the windows in your home.

We have listed four of our best window films to add to any decor in your home and bring out the beauty of the winter season.


Number One: Dots Frosted Window Film | Privacy (Adhesive)

The Dots Frosted window film gives the impression of a frosty winter's eve to your windows.

While the window will have that distinctive frosted look, the Dots window film will actually help keep the cold out of your home! 

It will also add privacy to whatever window you need. The Dots frosted window film allows the light to come through but does not allow anyone from the outside to see in. 

Rather than just a plain covering for the window, the Dots gives you a festive look that adds interest to the widow. 

You can apply this adhesive winter window film to almost any flat surface. Easy to both install and remove if you so choose.



Number Two: Freeze Window Film |Privacy (Adhesive)

The Freeze window film embodies the look of winter windows with the effect of an icy Jack Frost painting on the glass! 

Looking like a lake frozen over with swirling crystals of diamond ice, the Freeze window film brings that crisp, clean wintery landscape to your windows. 

This particular "icy" effect will soften and filter the light coming in and reduce glare from the harsh winter sun. 

The Freeze window film will transform your glass into a beautiful landscape that maintains your privacy and blocks 99% of UV-B rays and 91% of UV-A rays. 

This window film gives a unique look to shower doors and kitchen cabinets. The best aspect of the film is installing it yourself quickly and removing it just as effortlessly. 

Use the Freeze anywhere you need that extra bit of privacy and stylishness at the same time.



Number Three: Winter Garden Decorative Window Film | Privacy (Static Cling)

One of my personal favorites, the Winter Graden window film, is the ideal film to bring a beautiful and pretty winter floral pattern to liven up your windows. 

These lovely trails of vines and flowers create a stylish design that adds appeal to bare windows. 

Besides blocking 95% of UV rays, the Winter Garden window film gives you privacy for shower doors, bathroom windows, and blocks less than attractive outdoor views. 

Repositional and removable, this static cling window film is easy to install.


Number Four: Winter Garden Decorative Window Film | Privacy (Static Cling)

This decorative winter window film adds a splash of red and a bit of pizzaz to the Winter Garden decorative window film. 

Taking the Winter Garden and enhancing the vines and flowers with a bold red is a bright and cheerful way to add some colorful accents to your windows and other glass surfaces in your home. 

This beautiful deep yet vibrant red will evoke the winter season and accent your widows with a playful and festive look for the season. 

Besides being beautiful, this winder window film will block 95% of harmful UV rays, keeping your furniture, carpet, and artwork from fading. 

The Winter Garden with red accents will also act as a privacy shield between you and the outdoors. 

You will be able to block both unwanted views and viewers with this decorative window film. This window film allows you to remove and reposition it to wherever you would like it to be.

Winter Window Films Can Protect Your Belongings From Sun Damage

Most people tend to think that the sun's rays are not as intense in the winter as they are in the summer. 

It seems like a logical line of thought, but that is not the case. You might be surprised to discover that you are still exposed to UV rays from the sun even on a cloudy day in winter. 

The sun is just as intense, even if temperatures have dropped. 

That means that the sun coming in your windows has the same capacity to damage and fade your furniture and carpet in the winter as it does in the summer. 

The artwork on your walls is not safe from the sun's UV rays in the winter, either. Having window film on your windows reduces the UV rays coming in by 95% or more. 

That means you have protection for your valuables, and at the same time, you have the benefit of the softened light in your house.

Winter Window Films Give You Privacy And Block Unwanted Views

With many more people working from home these days, the function of your home has altered to accommodate being a "home office." 

As such, you may need to work comfortably from whatever area of your home you have set yourself up in. 

You need to work in an area that is light yet does not project a glare on your computer. You also want privacy and the ability to concentrate without being distracted. 

Winter window film can do just that for you. By being able to install window film yourself, you can keep out the sun's glare, the distracting view and preserve your privacy with the same film. 

As the winter window film is installed on the inside, you can put the film on the second story or higher levels of your home or apartment. 

If you still want to be able to glance at the sky, do just the bottom half of your windows. The options with window film are numerous, and you can tailor the window film to your needs.

In Conclusion

Giving your windows, shower, or kitchen cabinet glass a festive and welcoming look for the winter season is easy and affordable with winter window films. 

Not only will they create a fun atmosphere, but they will also protect your belongings from fading and sun damage and give your privacy where you need it.

Decorative winter window films are a stylish way to prepare for the winter season and add a new enhancement to your home decor.

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