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Feng Shui Interior Design Style Continued

Feng Shui Interior Design Style Continued

Can you feel the energy? If you can’t feel the energy, or if you are feeling the wrong type of energy, then you and your home could likely benefit from Feng Shui interior design. (Click here in case you missed our first Feng Shui article on interior design style.) Preparation and planning is especially important for Feng Shui design, which starts before you even begin to start the decorating process itself. Why is that? Because there are many different ways that you can approach Feng Shui decorating. That is because you can achieve a wide spectrum of different types of energy, both as a comprehensive whole for the entire home, as well as different energy fields from room to room. It all starts with having a clear energy foundation, clear of clutter and clear of negative energy so that you can start fresh and new in order to achieve the specific type of energy best suited to your personal needs. You can find many good resources on clutter clearing guides to help you get started if you feel that you are too attached to some of the objects in your home. And do not forget to look into decorative window decals such as decorative window film stained glass to help you achieve specific energy fields in each room of your home.

Healthy Natural Light

Healthy natural light is crucial to solid Feng Shui design. Therefore, you will want to do away with heavy drapes that might block light. Keep those shutters open. And if you are concerned with your rooms heating up from keeping your shades and blinds open, then you can take advantage of UV blocking window film (also known as UV protection window film), which will help block harmful UV rays from raising the temperature in your room as well as fading your carpets and furnishings. You can also find decorative window film that helps to reduce the glare and keep internal temperatures down while still allowing in gorgeous natural light.

Decorative Window Film

Establish Your Home’s Energy Map

The energy map, also known as the bagua, of your home is what you should base all your Feng Shui interior design on. Many people assume that they would simply want positive energy flowing throughout their home. This is true to some degree, but there are different types of positive energy. For example, you would likely want a more uplifting and communal type of energy in your kitchen versus a more calming and serene energy in your nursery room, for example. And you would almost certainly want a high energy field in a home office, but not necessarily in your bedroom where you would likely want a more impassioned or meditative energy to either promote a more comprehensive sense of love or to help you sleep better. For example, etch window film has been found to be soothing because of its soft look, especially when it features nature scenes.

Etch Window Film

Your particular bagua will also play a big part in helping you choose which colors you will incorporate throughout your home. Your bagua will also help you determine which images (whether those would be pictures or a the overall layout and feel of the room) would best serve your needs. The interesting thing about color is that while there are some universal feelings elicited by certain colors, exact feelings about colors do vary from one person to the next. Therefore, to help you choose your colors, you should consider getting a variety of color swatches. Take those swatches from room to room, shuffling through each of them to see how each one of them makes you feel in each room. Choose the color that produces the feeling you would most like to feel every time you are in that room.

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