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Installation Guides

All products come with installation instructions for the specific item.

Although there are a few minor variations, all of the static cling film and decals are applied basically the same.

You'll need to prepare a spray bottle with water and a few drops of mild dish soap. Window cleaner can be used on decals and small areas of film but it dries too fast for large films.

Most films come with an application smoothing tool but any plastic credit card will work equally well.

Installation Guides:



How to install etched glass decals:

**DO NOT allow the paper backing on the decal to get wet before you remove the decal.**

  • Clean hands thoroughly to prevent dirt and oils from your hands getting on the surface of the window decoration.
  • Clean glass surface thoroughly before applying decal.
  • Spray clean glass liberally with a glass cleaner before applying your window decoration. A sufficient amount of moisture is required between the decoration and glass to give an even appearance once dried. Wetter is better.
  • Peel the paper backing from the decal and apply the side of the decal that was against the paper to the glass. Use your hands to smooth out any large bubbles.
  • Using a rubber tipped squeegee, or the edge of a credit card or similar plastic card, squeegee out the all of the air bubbles and moisture.
  • Wipe dry with a lint free cloth.
  • Check for tiny air bubbles from both sides of the glass. If there are tiny bubbles, do more squeegeeing. If you cannot get all the bubbles out, simply pull the decal off the glass, rewet the glass and reapply.



How to install Static Cling Window Film:

NOTE: Some window films have a clear backing that can be difficult to separate from the film. If this occurs, take two small pieces of scotch tape and apply one piece to either side of a small corner of the film and use the two pieces of tape to peel the film apart.

  • Measure size of glass.
  • When measuring windows or doors, especially long ones, add 1" to your measurements of length to allow for up to 1% shrinkage of film when it is removed from backing. If you have excess length after it is applied to the glass, it can be trimmed with a straight edge and razor knife. Film will not shrink in width - only length. 1% shrinkage is approximately 1/8" per linear foot of film.
  • Draw/mark desired size/shape on white backing paper.
  • Trim the film to size needed with sharp scissors or utility knife.

Clean Glass.

It is very important that the glass be clean. Use a scraper to remove any paint splatters or hard materials that may be stuck to the surface. The glass should now be clean.
After cleaning, but before starting to apply, WASH YOUR HANDS. This prevents dirt and oils from your hands from getting between the film and the glass as you apply it.

Wet glass with soapy water.

Using a spray bottle with water and a few drops of liquid soap thoroughly wet glass. Set spray bottle to a mist setting.
TIP: Completely wetting the glass makes it easiest to position the film & squeegee out air bubbles.

Remove film from backing paper and position on glass.

Put the side of the film that was against the paper on the glass.

Do not get the paper backing wet or it will not release from the film.

Apply film to the wet glass and smooth with hands.

Use the side of your hand to smooth out any large bubbles. The film will then "float" on the glass for you to move into its final position.

Use application tool (included) or a credit card or similar plastic card to squeegee out all water and air bubbles.

TIP: It is easiest to squeegee out the air bubbles if you use your soap and water spray bottle to wet the front of the film before squeegeeing.
TIP: If an edge of the material tries to roll up and will not lie flat, use a hair dryer on a low heat setting to warm the material until it is becomes pliable. Turn off heat and hold in place for 60-90 seconds or until material cools to room temperature.
The film may take a day or so to dry thoroughly. If you have any final trimming to do, wait till the film is dry and use a straight edge and razor knife to make the final trim.
Once it has dried completely, the film will adhere totally to the glass and it can then be cleaned with ammonia free window cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towels.



How to install textured window film with clear backing:

  • Start by creating an installation mixture using a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of mild baby shampoo or dish detergent. Window cleaner without ammonia can be used if applying a small piece of film but it may dry too fast when installing larger pieces.
  • Clean the glass surface you are installing the film on.
  • Wash your hands to prevent oils and fingerprints on the film.
  • Have plenty of paper towels ready for cleaning up the excess wetting solution when installing the film.
  • Carefully measure the width and height of the glass surface.
  • Lay the film on a clean, flat surface with the release liner up. Mark the clear release liner with your measurements (A Sharpie Brand Marker works nicely) and cut the film and liner with a sharp scissors or razor knife and straight edge.

**Although not easy to see, there is a clear release liner on the smooth side of the film. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to separate the liner but it will easily come off once you get it started.
**Use two pieces of scotch tape and stick them to opposite sides at one corner of the film...then pull these two pieces of tap apart and the liner should separate from the film.
**Have someone available to help pull the clear liner from the film. It is important to pull it off evenly and straight as to not get any kinks or creases in the film. Creases and kinks may cause a permanent distortion in the film.

  • Apply generous amount of wetting solution to the glass. The solution prevents the film from sticking to the glass immediately, allowing you more time to properly position the film for installation. You can also spray the smooth side of the film with the wetting solution to insure you have plenty. Wetter is Better.
  • Place the wet film onto the wet glass and slide into position. Using the provided squeegee or any plastic credit card, squeegee the film from center to the edges – removing all air bubbles and wetting solution. The film is quite durable, so don’t be afraid to apply a little pressure. You want to get all the bubbles out. Check from the other side of the glass to make sure there are no more bubbles.
    Some of the more textured films require a little extra attention to be sure all of the bubbles have been removed.
  • Wipe all the excess moisture from the film, glass and frame.
  • The film may take a day or so to dry thoroughly. If you have any final trimming to do, wait till the film is dry and use a straight edge and razor knife to make the final trim.
    Once it has dried completely, the film will adhere totally to the glass and it can then be cleaned with ammonia free window cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towels.



How to install Toilet Tattoos:

  • Clean toilet lid thoroughly.
  • Peel Toilet Tattoo from backer card and smooth onto lid using a soft cloth to flatten out any air bubbles. The amount of lid showing around the Toilet Tattoo will vary depending on the size of your toilet lid.
  • If any adhering problems occur, remove Toilet Tattoo and spray the lid with window cleaner. Reapply Tattoo while seat is still wet and smooth onto lid, again using a soft, dry cloth. This method is preferable for some plastic lids.
  • Save backing paper if you wish to remove the Tattoo and store for later use.



How to install screen door magnets & Round Magnet Video

  • Line up one magnet on one side of screen with one magnet on the other side - black side toward screen.
  • The magnetized material will hold them in place.
  • For Round Magnets:
  • Hold magnets back to back with screen in between. Line up the design and twist one magnet until you HEAR it CLICK. They Lock into place in one spot when the design is lined up on both sides.

How to install adhesive window film:

  • You will need someone to assist you, an empty spray bottle, a roll of paper towels or cloths for wiping excess wetting solution and some type of smoothing device.
  • If you have a small squeegee, that will work but no need to purchase one. Any plastic credit card or similar plastic card will work quite well to smooth the film and remove the bubbles.
  • Any window cleaner can also be used instead of making your own wetting solution. The only reason the soapy water solution is preferred is when working with larger pieces of film, the window cleaner might dry too fast.
  • Wash your hands to avoid getting fingerprints on the adhesive backing.
  • Create your own wetting solution by adding 8 drops of very mild detergent, baby shampoo or dish detergent into a 32oz. spray bottle filled with water.
  • Clean the glass where the film will be applied, removing all traces of dirt, grime, grease, etc.
  • Carefully measure the glass where the window film will be applied.
  • Lay window film out on flat, clean surface with the paper backing up.
  • Carefully mark the dimensions on the backing and, using a sharp scissors, cut the film to the dimensions you need.
  • Spray the glass thoroughly with wetting solution. Wetter is better.
  • Pull the window film partially from the backing paper starting at the top corner. Have your assistant help so the film does not curl up and adhere to itself.
  • With backing paper partially removed, place the film against the glass and align the top edge. The film will be movable on the wet surface.
  • Once the top is in place and aligned correctly, hold it there while pulling the backing paper off completely.
  • Smooth the film out with the palm of your hands - removing the largest air bubbles.
  • Now, using the credit card or squeegee, start squeegeeing from the center to the edges - removing all of the excess liquid and air bubbles. Have your paper towels or rags ready to wipe up the excess.
  • Carefully check from both sides of glass to make sure all air bubbles are removed. Textured and embossed films require more squeegeeing than smooth films.
  • Wipe the entire film dry. It is normal for the film to take a day or so to completely dry and adhere. You may notice some lighter or darker areas between the film and glass. This is normal on some films and should disappear once the film has dried completely.
  • SEAMING FILMS: For windows that are wider than the available width of the selected window film, it is possible to seam the film. Simply follow the same procedure to apple the next piece of film, butting the factory cut edges together. Be sure to consider pattern matching when seaming.
  • CLEANING: Once window film is installed and thoroughly dry, no special care is necessary. Normal cleaning with a mild window cleaner is ideal.