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Vive La French Country Interior Design Style

Vive La French Country Interior Design Style


Starting to plan a redecorating project? Moved into a new home and want to make it your own? Need something stylish, charming, and functional? French Country interior design might be the perfect style for your home. Read on to learn about the different style elements and components that make up French Country style to see if it would nicely complement your home. Do not get hung up on all the things you do not like with your current design. Instead, get excited for all the possibilities and the refreshing new look you can achieve.

Hybridized Mix for Fun and Fashionable Style

Many people love French Country design for the way it implements a combination of antique French and shabby chic. You might also love the way it hybridizes charming farmhouse interior design elements with the chic statements. This combination of style elements makes French Country design similar to transitional modern interior design styles, which means you actually have a lot of flexibility in the individual components you choose to execute your French Country style. You can look forward to cool and hip combined with a mature, yet approachable style.

French Country interior design tends to include furnishings that are not technically anchored in a specific era, more timeless. Another type of furnish that is often included in French design is the Louis VI type chair, but refurnished in a mid-century modern geometric print. Those pieces are then complemented by a diverse mixture of art pieces. Mandalay stained glass window film can provide an ideal complement to your French Country design art pieces. More than just providing the perfect aesthetic complement, these stained glass static clings also provide luxurious, yet convenient privacy.

Mandalay Stained Glass Window Film| Privacy (Static Cling)

Furthermore, minimalist coffee tables are often a common feature included with this style. It is important to note that while a variety of art pieces are incorporated, they should be planned out so that the juxtapositions they create play well off of each other.

For example, you might try antique gold toilet tattoos and then pair that with EZ Film antique roses privacy window film static cling. While different colors and made for different surfaces, having the same floral theme helps create authentic harmony.

Antique Gold Toilet TattoosEZ Film Antique Roses

As mentioned above, antiques can play a big role in French Country interior design. Both wood and wrought iron antique pieces can do very nicely in this setting. Antiques can be expensive, which can make it hard to afford enough to carry your French country antique theme throughout your home. So, you might think about buying enough antiques to dress one room completely. Or, with some patience, you can wait until you find the right antique pieces at friendlier prices, buying them over time as you find the best deals. If you are serious about finding antique pieces, then you should definitely keep a keen eye on rummage sales, yard sales, flea markets, and other similar opportunities to find great deals on your antique pieces.

French Country Infused with Shabby Chic

Shabby chic really came to live in the mid 80s and 90s. While it was once a mainstream and super popular interior design, its popularity fell off a little due to misconceptions that it seemed too mature and lifeless. But that was because people were implementing it incorrectly. More recently, top designers figured out how to incorporate shabby chic within more popular designs. That is how shabby chic found a home within French Country interior design. In fact, shabby chic’s origins are rooted in antique and vintage French designs and furnishings. When correctly incorporated within French Country, shabby chic does a wonderful job of promoting a comfortable feeling and exudes a lovely timeless sensation.

Playful yet Stately Combination

French Country interior design style mingles touches of quaint farmhouse and modern, stylized rustic elements. Think of aged pieces and antiques playing nicely with accessories that you might find in a palace or even an art museum.

Shop our selection of stained glass window film to find nice pairings with your new French Country interior design.

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