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Coastal Hamptons Interior Design Style Defined

Coastal Hamptons Interior Design Style Defined

If soothing ocean breezes, warm glowing sunsets, and beachy sands are your thing, then coastal interior design style might be your thing, too. And what might come as a nice surprise is that you do not need to live near the ocean to enjoy the coastal design lifestyle. Coastal style, also known as the Hamptons style in some popular circles, finds its lovely origins amongst U.S. beachside areas. Join us as we dig a little deeper into what is involved with this fun, playful, and stylish design to learn whether it might be the right choice for you and your home. You will also be pleased to know there are ample options for door decals as well as decorative window decals that will help you add additional touches of coastal style with ease.

Light and Airy

No matter what furniture, accessories, and layout you choose, it simply is a must to incorporate a light and airy color palette throughout your coastal Hamptons interior design style. Pair that with neutral shades of colors complemented by the famous blue and green hues that depict the most classic ocean scenes. To further this light and airy color palette, you will also want to feature furnishings that have white or beige color themes. But do not worry if you do not already have white or beige furniture colors. It is very easy and cost effective to find inexpensive furniture throws and covers that will allow you to effectively transform your furniture to match your coastal Hamptons style without having to blow your budget. Some have taken this furniture transformation one step further by using inexpensive bed sheets, using a few well placed, decorative safety pins to create a more couture and fitted look.

Natural Wood

There is simply something romantic and tranquil about naturally worn beach wood, polished to be silky smooth after years of being lapped at by the ocean water and titter tattered by the beach’s sand scurrying over it in the warm ocean breezes. You can typically find worn natural beach wood as accessories in online stores or your local home décor store. Strategically placing even just one or two of these items throughout your home can do a lot to evoke the sense of being right there at the beach while still in your very own home.

Speaking of feeling like you are at the beach while still in your home, a beach resort wall mural would definitely help promote that feeling as well.

Beach Resort Wall Mural

And if you think you will ever need help finding the beach, then you can employ the help of this Beach Bound wall decal. The

Beach Bound Wall Decal

And even if you prefer things to be a little more on the simpler and subtle side, then you can find screen door film, door decals, and screen door magnets such as the Beach design screen door magnet.

You should also consider treating an exterior element of your home to further promote your coastal design. Few things speak of coastal like a glowing sunset. And even though not everyone lives in a location that is privy to these glowing sunsets, you can still add mirror film for windows that will effectively catch the last rays of sun of the day and create your own personal glow. Plus, these mirror films are highly effective at reducing glare inside your home, while also helping to keep internal temperatures down and help protect you and your furnishings from harmful UV rays.

Have fun creating your tranquil and comfortable coastal Hamptons living environment.

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