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Scandinavian Interior Design Style Defined

Scandinavian Interior Design Style Defined

An interior design style that has been increasing in popularity is the Scandinavian style. This style strongly presents a simplistically serene sense of sophisticated, yet approachable cleanliness. While this style is more on the minimalistic side of interior design, it still boasts a fantastic degree of functionality. If you love all things organic in shape, paired with undertones of tonal textures, all wrapped up ample amounts of white spaces infused with hints of gray, then the Scandinavian interior design style might just be what you have been looking for. You can also look forward to understated, yet subtly playful instances of color introduced by art and just one or two textile components such as a small floor covering like a rug or throw. A great art complement to the Scandinavian style would be the Marmoro Wall Mural.

Marmoro Wall Mural

Soothing Warmth of Scandinavian Style

While Scandinavian interior design appears to be among the more sophisticated styles, that is only because it does such a lovely job of inferring a comprehensive theme by drawing from minimalistic design components in a way that emphasizes all the elements in great harmony. Therefore, Scandinavian interior design is actually among the more manageable styles to achieve, even with limited interior design experience.

Scandinavian interior design incorporates natural materials, such as leather, wood, and hemp to achieve its sense of functionalism and simplicity. You will also see many natural shapes and natural elements infused throughout Scandinavian style as there is a great sense of connection to nature in that area of the world.

So, you might be thinking that Scandinavian style should have design elements based on the cold climate. Reasonable thinking, but Scandinavian style makes use of accessories such as warm textiles because Scandinavians try to incorporate as much warmth as possible in their daily lives due to the extremely cold temperatures outside. Examples of warm textiles would be throw rugs, and carpets typically fabricated with wool, sheepskins, or mohair (you might also sometimes see some medium tight weave shags carpets as most people agree shag conveys as a sense of warm comfort). Cozy and warm all year—that is the feeling you get when you live in Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian Accent Pieces

To match the minimalist theme, you should consider choosing simpler decorative pieces. Elegant ceramic vases do a wonderful job with this, as they are sublet yet stately and beautiful. Throws and pillows featuring geometric patterns can also help in this situation.

The Federstern Wall Mural would do a wonderful job of complementing this simplistic connection to nature. (Interestingly, “federstern” translates as "feather star.")

Federstern Wall Mural

Wood and Metal Finishes

The best Scandinavian interior design combines both wood and metal finishes. Not just for the flooring, but wood is also used throughout a Scandinavian home, including furnishings and fixtures. Wooden coffee tables and cushioned wood chairs are complemented with metallic finished pieces to create an intriguing marriage between the materials. For example, you will love the way copper or brass pieces create a natural, yet stunning pop when in direct contrast to wooden materials.

Minimal Window Treatments

Something that will help you stretch your budget is the recommendation that you minimize the use of window treatments for Scandinavian style. Since limited window dressings are recommended, you might consider a window film that is very subtle, yet lovely, such as the Lily Corner Etched Glass Decals.

Lily Corner Etched Glass Decals

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