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How To Design Your Windows Using Custom Stained Glass Films

How To Design Your Windows Using Custom Stained Glass Films

Windows open up a house and give the house light and life. Any home or building would be dark and dreary without windows. 

Besides being essential to a warm and inviting space, windows also allow you to let your decorative tastes shine and lets you express yourself. 

One way you can add personal expression to your home and your windows is with window film. Adding window film to your windows is easy and inexpensive. 

It can transform plain glass into a work of art. Adding stained glass window film is one particular way of taking your windows from dull to spectacular. 

You can add the beauty of stained glass without the weight of the soldered lead rods and glass present in the real deal. 

Having an actual stained glass panel for your windows can be prohibitive cost-wise, too. 

Purchasing a stained glass window with a wooden frame can cost anywhere from $400 to $700 for one window, without the installation. 

That is because stained glass is not an easy process; it is labor-intensive and takes time to produce. 

A stained glass piece also needs proper installation because of the weight of a panel. 

It is definitely beautiful, but real stained glass is expensive, and it takes special precautions to hang a piece in a window. 

Window Film World has many stained glass window films to choose from  that will look just like stained glass without the expense. We have chosen three of our favorites and listed them below for your consideration. 


1. Spring Chapel Stained Glass Window Film | Privacy (Self-Adhesive)

This Spring Chapel Stained Glass window film is one of my favorites and is a beautiful addition to any home. It is a bright and colorful way to add a lovely touch to any glass and filter light at the same time. 

You can transform your windows into a tropical paradise with vibrant colors and unique flowers. 

Dragonflies flit over the surface, and a vibrant-colored bird perches on a branch overlooking all of the glorious arrays of color. 

This bright and interesting display of tropical splendor will surely get you many compliments on your excellent taste. 



  • Self adhesive
  • Works on windows, shower doors, and cabinet glass
  • Filters light
  • Reduces glare
  • DIY installation
  • Easy to remove
  • Blocks unwanted views and viewers


2. Monterey Bay Stained Glass | Clear (Static Cling)

You can add a touch of elegance to your sliding glass door walls, alongside your doorways, or any other area of glass in your home. 

Monterey Bay cling film is an easy way to decorate and add a sophisticated look on French doors, too. 

With the Monterey Bay on your patio or sliding doors, it is a smart and stylish way to add a visual reminder to guests (and pets) that the glass doors are closed. 

The stained glass design has a timeless style that is both beautiful and adds privacy without sacrificing natural light in your rooms. 

Monterey Bay features blue stained glass medallions on a grid of leading lines with a transparent background. This pattern pairs beautifully with traditional, contemporary, country, or urban decor. 

Monterey Bay Frosted in its classic blue grid pattern also comes with a lightly frosted background when you want to add privacy to your doors or windows. 

This static cling window privacy window film will also block UV rays and reduce glare. 




  • Classic, blue grid pattern
  • DIY installation
  • Static cling
  • Clear or frosted background
  • Easy to remove
  • Comes in seven different sizes


3. Cambridge 1 | Stained Glass Window Film - Privacy or See Through (Static Cling)

The Cambridge 1 pattern blends tones of blue that are artfully presented in this stained glass design. You can have a decorative, custom look for a mere fraction of the cost of real stained glass. 

You can also install the static cling window film yourself in any of the windows or doors of your home. 

Choose from the see-through Cambridge style that gives you the enhancement of the blue pattern, or use the privacy Cambridge which incorporates a frosted background. 

With the frosted background, you prevent unwanted viewers, and you also protect your carpets, furniture, and artwork from harmful UV rays that can fade and damage your possessions. 




  • DIY installation
  • No adhesives needed
  • Frosted background provides privacy
  • Frosted background filters 95% of UV rays
  • Diffuses glare
  • Adds beauty to your windows
  • Pattern can be hung vertically or horizontally
  • Easy to remove


Stained Glass Is A Decorative Art Form

Stained glass has been with us for centuries. While the true origin of glass itself is in question, it is likely that Egyptian or Mesopotamian potters discovered how to make glass. 

The very earliest known man-made glass is in the form of beads made by Egyptians between 2750 and 2625 BC. We have found evidence of stained glass windows in churches and monasteries in Britain dating back to around the7th century. 

To this day, stained glass is regarded as a beautiful and sought after architectural detail that adds dimension and value to a building or dwelling. 


Affordable Option To Stained Glass

Real stained glass is costly, requires special installation, and needs particular cleaning and preservation. It is, no doubt, beautiful but not very practical for everyday homes and buildings. 

However, you can still have the look of stained glass without the cost and fuss that the real glass requires. 

Window film is a realistic and practical solution that allows you to do as many windows as you would like at a cost that you can afford. 


It Is Easy To Add Beauty To Your Windows

The light coming through the window is welcome, but it can also damage your furniture, carpet, and artwork. 

To prevent that, you can add drapes but drapes can be bulky and costly. Mini blinds gather dust like you wouldn't believe! 

Yet, there is still a need to filter the light, block the view of nosy neighbors, or just give yourself some needed privacy. 

Having some type of covering over your windows makes sense. It can let the light through while protecting your privacy. 

It can also protect your belongings from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Those items are expensive; furniture, carpet, and artwork are costly. If you have to replace them because of fading due to the sun, it is expensive. 

With window film, you feel good about being able to safeguard your precious items. 

Not only can you protect your belongings, but you can add the protection yourself, which is a huge advantage. You can install the window film on your schedule and when it is convenient for you. 

Since window film is installed on the inside of the glass surface, it does not matter if the window, or a balcony slider door, is located on a second or even higher floor. 

You will not need scaffolding or anything like that to put the film on the windows. 


In Conclusion

Stained glass window film is sure to add beauty and warmth to your home or place of business. You can install it yourself and be proud of the result. 

There are various options to choose from, and you are sure to find one that fits your decorating needs. 

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