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Redecorate Your Home On the Cheap

Redecorate Your Home On the Cheap


sailing wall mural cling

Everybody gets the urge to do something different with their home from time to time. But that does not mean we always have the extra cash in our pockets to actually do something about it. Try some of the following tips to achieve a whole new look and feel for your living space at a fraction of the cost normally associated with significant changes to your home.

Decorate Your Walls for Less Money

You can always find picture frames at cheap prices. For example, there is almost always a picture frame section at your local dollar store. Try displaying an entire grid of white framed black and white pictures. People love how this inexpensive little redecorating trick can instantly add a nice element of glamour to their homes.

You can also transform an entire room with a peel and stick wall mural. For example, you and your guests have the opportunity to feel like you are out on open waters, sailing off into the tranquil abyss. Or you can also find peel and stick wall murals that make it feel exactly like you are peering out over some gorgeous foreign landscape. These peel and stick wallpaper items are easy to apply and cost a fraction of what would be required to completely redo your room.

Use Hanging Shelves to Create the Perception of Extra Depth and Space

The following nifty little trick is especially effective if you have a narrow room in your home that you would like to make appear and feel wider. Hang a long shelf in your narrow rooms to make it seem wider. Plus, with each shelf you add to your home, you also give yourself another place to put your knickknacks and other odds and ends in an organized fashion. Organizing your home so that you have more places to neatly stow and display items helps get things up off your floor, which also naturally helps create the perception of more open space and the feeling of a freely flowing room.

Increase the Perception of Space with a Mirror

Adding a mirror to your room achieves the highly effective mind trick of making the room feel larger than it is, almost like it doubles your living space. Not only that, but mirrors add an instant touch of class to any room. While mirrors can be relatively expensive, they are also a common item found for free or used ones for cheap on neighborhood websites such as Nextdoor. You can also find mirror film static cling that you can cut yourself to fit in an inexpensive picture frame to make your own low cost mirror.

mirror static cling film

Of course, you can also use the peel and stick mirror films on the exterior of your home like many people do. Having this fancy mirrored effect be the first thing your guests and company see is an excellent way to establish a strong first impression, helping to ensure that they will love the rest of your home before they even see the rest of it.

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