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Check out our Sale Items! Deals up to 30%-40% off!

Amalfi Wall Mural Wall Mural

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Amalfi is among the more mysteriously fantastic settings in the world. This town features the wonderfully dramatic setting of natural beauty made famous by its location upon severely steep cliff walls. This is by far one of the absolute brightest gems of Italy’s southwest coast. You can have this incredibly special backdrop in your own home. This is possible thanks to an Amalfi wall mural.

This special wall mural grants you the exhilarating perspective of being right on top of those famous cliff walls. It will feel just like you are in a luxurious resort location, complete with the pillars that have become an iconic style of architecture that is unique to ancient Italy. In fact, Amalfi is a medieval city, and the rich history is almost palpable within this image. The unique perspective that is granted by this Amalfi wall mural makes it very realistically seem like you are looking out over the beautiful ocean right where it hits those dramatic cliff walls. 

Plus, you will love the flamboyant brilliance of the exotic flowers that seem to trickle down and around the beautiful wood trellis, as though they are gorgeous drips of color dripping and dropping off of heaven’s pallet.

Welcome the marvelous sites of Amalfi to your home with this colorful and magnificent wall mural.

A picturesque town on the Gulf of Salerno known for its gorgeous sweeping cliffs and beautiful coastal scenery accents your room in a natural wonder.

  • .Measures to 12'1" x 8'4"
  • Comes with 8 panels
  • Paste Included
  • Printed on Vinyl Coated Paper