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Modern Industrial Interior Design Style Defined

Modern Industrial Interior Design Style Defined

As the name suggests, the modern industrial design style calls to mind a very urbanesque vibe, conjuring images of spacious warehouses and fancy components blended together to present a lean, clean, masculine and minimalist space infused with feminine tones that all work together to create a fun living space. You can look at modern industrial design as a neutral color scheme, repurposed machinery, undulating hues, as well as raw natural materials, such as wood, and unpolished metals. Read on to learn more about what makes this style unique and how it might enhance your living space.

Make an Industrial Statement

With the help of the neutral palette as well as the raw materials that you should pursue, it is both easy and fun to make a statement with your modern industrial décor project. Some have even described it as a “steampunk feel.” And it is easy to incorporate window privacy film into the mix. For example, the Pebble Privacy Static Cling features an easy simplicity that makes it a great complement to almost any interior design style, and privacy film for windows has the added benefit of keeping nosy neighbors from enjoying a straight view into your home.

Pebble Privacy Static Cling 


Size Matters

It should be noted that the modern industrial size is most likely not the best choice for you if you have a small or tight cramped layout in your home. That is because true modern industrial design really does take advantage of larger, open spaces. While you could probably still nail down many of the industrial style elements in a smaller home, you would still likely fall a little short of achieving the full industrial effect with insufficient space. In addition, you might also not have enough room for the oversized reclaimed machinery inspired components famous throughout this style. But no matter how small or big your living space, there is always room for decorative window decals. Window films are not just for windows though, you can also find a wide variety of door decals to choose from. For example, the Pacifica door static film features a simple repeating pattern that integrates well with modern industrial style, which has a heavy lean toward a minimalist vibe. And the Pacifica door cling also features semi privacy, which is especially helpful if you do live in a crowded industrial area with neighbors directly across from you.

Old Charm, New Sleekness

Modern industrial design makes use of weathered and reclaimed furnishings and decorations, and then combines that with metal fixtures and furnishings. This helps you achieve the combination of old charm paired with new chic. You will want to carefully plan out your combinations of old and new though. Otherwise, your design might come off as muddled or even chaotic. Do think about strategic juxtapositions though. For example, if you have a wood chair (with single color cushions, not multi colored or loud patterns), then consider placing a wrought iron metal coffee table or side table near it. That combination will play very nicely together. You might also consider some frosted glass decal, frosted window cling, or even etch window film to create an even more playful combination.

Shop our selection of window film, static cling window films, and privacy film for items that will help you really pull your new modern industrial design style together.

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