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Inspirational Home Design Secrets

Inspirational Home Design Secrets

lighthouse oval static cling

When it comes to the interior design of your living spaces, achieving a comprehensive and unified sense of balance should be one of your primary objectives. For example, you could have the most amazing piece of furniture in one of your rooms, but it can actually work against the current style of your room if it makes the entire room feel incongruent, going against the unifying and seamless balance you should be trying to strive for. Read on to learn more about achieving balance throughout your lovely home décor.

What Is Balance?

Balance is all around us. And while the building blocks of balance are everywhere around us are very real and physical elements, when balance is achieved, it is more of a comprehensive and pervasive feeling. Just like we can feel uncomfortable or perhaps even unhappy when we work way too much and for too long compared to the minimal time we get to enjoy home life with our friends and family, it is also quite common to feel uncomfortable in interior spaces that are unbalanced. In fact, some people do not realize that a lack of proper balance in their interior living spaces might be behind their feeling of scattered and incongruent sensations.

Balance is accomplished by spreading the “visual weight” of items and objects throughout a defined space, with the ultimate goal of creating an almost palpable feeling of positive equilibrium. The texture, shape, size, and color all work together, having a significant impact on the visual weight of each specific item, and ultimately all items work together to further bolster the sense of balance in the whole room. For example, bigger, darker, and highly textured items tend to feel heavier.

Creating and emphasizing corners and boarders can also help create balance since they prevent the eye from feeling like it will just endlessly wander. Therefore, you might consider corner static clings for the mirrors throughout your home. You might also consider trying a border static cling for a similar benefit on your larger windows or other smooth surfaces.

boarder static cling window film

Different Types of Balance

There are actually three primary types of balance that you can strive for when approaching your new home decorating and interior design projects.

The first type of balance is symmetrical balance. Symmetrical balance is accomplished by positioning and spacing objects and elements on either side of the center of an arrangement in an equally and uniformly weighted manner. It might be helpful for you to picture symmetrical balance as fifty fifty balance, almost as though you are creating a mirror image in your room. An example of a type of symmetrical balance that you could achieve with great ease would be if you had a large display window with one window on each side. To accomplish symmetrical balance with that situation, you could try placing one oval window film on each side of the main display window.

oval window film

The second type of balance is asymmetrical balance. With asymmetrical balance, the two sides are not equal, not identical. While the two sides look different from each other, the objects are still arranged in a way that still achieves a sense of balance. For example, you could try using a pelican oval etched glass decal on one side and then use a lighthouse oval etched glass decal on the other side. Doing this would achieve asymmetrical balance because the picture, scene is different on each oval, but they both have the same overall sea theme as well as the same weight and texture.

The third type of balance is referred to as radial balance. Radial balance is a type of a visual balance that is essentially based on a circle. With radial balance, the design elements extend out from the center object or center of the room.

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