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How to Save Money on Your DIY Home Decorating

How to Save Money on Your DIY Home Decorating

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There is a good chance that there is always something you might like to do to tweak your home’s current décor. Even if you have loved the way your home looks, if it has had the same exact décor over the past many years, then you might be surprised at how much more you could love your home with a few tweaks to your home’s current style throughout. Here are some simple do it yourself (DIY) décor enhancement tips that will have you feeling like you are living in a completely new space.

Keep Your New Decorating Affordable

First things first, before we get into the actual DIY home décor tips, it should be acknowledged that it is understandable that you might be confined to a tighter budget. No problem. That is quite common. So, to address the potentially tight budget, look for ways that will allow you to spice up your home without having to spice up your wall. One of the best and simplest ways to not just get things at great price, but actually get them for free, is through the Buy Nothing Project. You can find local Buy Nothing Projects in your local area via localized Facebook groups. In these groups, people who no longer want certain items can post them online for others to have for free. You can find a very wide range of free items, many of which you will most likely be able to use for your new decorating projects.

And you do not have to feel pressured to be constantly scanning these groups in order to capture the items you want. In fact, the group moderators usually encourage the person giving away the item to not give their item away to the first person that responds to their post. Why? Because they try to keep the project fair to everyone, giving busy people the opportunity to find these free posts rather than automatically going to people who are not busy. Not only that, but some of the local moderators also ask that people who want a particular free item provide a background story as to why they want or need an item. For example, let us say that someone is giving away a fancy mirror. Instead of just saying that you want it, explain that you are trying to redecorate your home by yourself and do not have the budget to go out and buy a new mirror for your home decorating project. And for more information about the project, you can visit

There are also many different “exchanges” on Facebook that will allow you to find a plethora of items that you can use for your new decorating. They might not be free like they are in the Buy Nothing Projects in other Facebook group pages, but they can still be found at relatively affordable prices. Plus, these exchanges usually feature more reputable folks and sellers than some other platforms like Craigslist, which has unfortunately become a breeding ground for weirdos and unsafe scenarios. NextDoor is another greap app that can connect you to your local neighborhoods, connecting you with folks right around the corner who are looking to get rid of quality items that they simply do not need anymore. NextDoor features free and low cost items.

Remember, you do not have to feel bad about getting something for free because you are actually doing those folks a favor, taking stuff off their hands, so they do not have to pay for having it picked up, and helping them to declutter their homes. One person’s no longer needed item is another person’s treasure.

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