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Check out our Sale Items! Deals up to 30%-40% off!
How to Redo Your Windows without Getting New Windows

How to Redo Your Windows without Getting New Windows


 glass static cling decal

If you want to get more from your home’s windows, but do not want to have to pay a lot, then you should consider static cling window film for your home. The variety available makes it easy to find the perfect complement for all rooms throughout your home. You can easily make your selection based on what type of decorative and even privacy enhancement you desire.

Add Stylish Texture and Dimension to Smooth and Lifeless Surfaces

There is a surprisingly simple way to add luxurious style to your windows by applying textured static cling window film. For example, you might consider the 3-D diamond textured window film, which adds multiple dimensions to your flat glass surfaces. You will love both the way the sunlight refracts and dances through these textured static clings.

textured window film

Not only that, but these textured window static clings can also afford you an excellent degree of privacy that would otherwise require an entire window replacement. This makes these textured privacy films especially beneficial for windows that face the street, windows that face the windows of your adjacent neighbors, and even office windows. You can also find etched sidelight window film that delivers the privacy you need while still allowing in a nice degree of natural sunlight.

Add a Touch of Class to Your Glass

Sometimes, you might just want to add a little fun to your windows without actually making any big changes. You can find smaller decorative window film to do exactly that, adding some nice color without completely dominating your window. Of course, you can still select something more significant such as etched glass decals that will instantly add a touch of class to your glass. Another very popular option is the faux stained glass window film, which adds a wonderful degree of style to your windows at a small fraction of the cost of real stained glass.

And if you ever change your mind, and decide you want to move your static cling to another window, it is easy to remove the window film cling and transfer it to another window in your home.

Add Safety with Ease

Even if you are completely happy with your current windows, sliding screen doors, and sliding glass doors, there are still some elements you should consider for added safety. Even if you yourself have not, there is a very good chance that you know someone who has accidentally crashed through a screen door or bumped into a sliding glass door that was actually closed. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to mistake a closed door for an open door. To help protect your valuable investment as well as to help prevent people from getting hurt on your premises, you can easily apply screen door magnets. These items make it completely obvious that your screen door is closed while also adding pretty decorations and fun style to your door. Similarly, you can also find glass door static clings that perform the same combined safety and style function for your glass surfaces.

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