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How Can I Decorate My Home on a Budget?

How Can I Decorate My Home on a Budget?

Tired of looking at the same setup in your home? Love the way your home looks, but want to shake things up a bit? Having important guests over and want to enhance your home décor to make an especially nice impression? Regardless of what your reason or objective is, you should check out these design insiders’ favorite ways to save money on fun and luxurious, yet budget friendly ways to spice up your home.

Organization Is Key

Even if you have the nicest furniture, rugs, lamps, or other accessories placed throughout your home, It simply does not matter how nice they are if you cannot see them through all of the clutter. As soon as the clutter and messy chaos cross a certain threshold, it automatically ruins the décor you had previously established throughout your home. In order to best battle the clutter throughout your home, you need to get organized. A proper degree of organization will allow you to show off all your great designs. It is actually easier to build your own desk, shelves (stand alone shelves or build shelves into a closet), or drawer units than you might think.

You should also consider installing closet doors on any closets that currently do not have any doors. Those pieces are typically fairly inexpensive, but what is usually even less expensive is using nicely designed bed sheets, drop cloths, or even a nicer blanket (for example, quilted blankets have proven to be quite attractive in this situation). And if you do not feel up to the challenge of installing your own shelves in your closet, you might consider looking for inexpensive plastic storage bins to place in your closet, and then use your newly installed closet doors or sheets to keep your new storage bins out of sight as well. Supply your own storage yourself to get all that chaotic clutter out of sight.

Confetti Peel and Stick Wallpaper

If you think your organizational units do not quite look nice enough to be a featured item, you might be surprised at how much difference peel and stick wallpaper wall décor on your new storage unit or in close proximity to your new storage units to pull people’s eyes away from your storage unit, causing them to focus on your nice wall cling instead. Creating and harnessing people’s focal points is a primary solution to enhancing your home décor.

Build a Headboard

When you are decorating your home on a tighter budget, achieving both form and function is an especially effective tactic. A great example of both form and function is a headboard for your bed. Headboards deliver the ideal combination of form and function. And the fun part is that they can be constructed by using virtually any material, including wrought-iron inlays, fancy engraved hardwood, inexpensive wood stained to make it look luxurious and expensive, acrylic panels, fabric panels, and much more. A headboard does a wonderful job of grounding the room. It also succeeds in setting the tone for the whole décor.

Family Quote Wall Decal

What will help make your room feel even more complete is a vinyl cling or decal. Certain vinyl clings and decals can be applied to certain types of headboard materials and surfaces. For example, the “Family Where Life Begins Wall Quote” decal could be used directly on your headboard (depending on the size and material of your headboard) to really bring your room together.

Dual Purpose Saves Money with Style

Similar to combining form and function as mentioned above, it is a big decorating win any time you can get more from a single piece. Go on a tour of your home to take a quick and easy survey of the different items, components, furniture, and accessories you have throughout your home. Write those items down and then think about how you can assign those furnishings to double duty. This will help you effectively stretch your budget and conquer what would otherwise be too small of a space to do much with. For example, ottomans with storage units that come built in can help you with this. Another idea is to create your own couch from twin mattresses, providing a comfortable place to sit during the day and a convenient place for your guests to sleep at night.

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