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Go Forth and Decorate Your Home!

Go Forth and Decorate Your Home!

decorative privacy window film static cling

Window Film World has something for every room in your house, apartment, office, car, and beyond. But what do you do with all those options? How do you pair your favorite window film and static clings with your new interior design projects and redecorating efforts? Read on to learn how surprisingly easy it is to achieve your interior decorating objectives.

Add Texture with Textiles

When we say “texture” in reference to interior design, we mean something that elicits an additional feeling or sensation, almost as if the design component has added a fourth dimension to the room. You can add the perfect degree of texture to a room through the use of textiles. A textile is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibers. Therefore, a fast and simple way to immediately add coziness, for example, is to add kilim pillows (kilim pillows mirror the style of the flat-woven carpets or rugs made in Turkey, Kurdistan, and neighboring areas), tapestries, linen bedding, linen tablecloths, faux sheepskins, fabric throws, and other similar decorative components.

The fun thing is that you can apply your textures anywhere throughout your rooms. This part really can be fun, and will require some experimentation. The experimentation you might need to execute is easy since these items are usually light weight and do not require any permanent installation, so you can easily switch them around and place them in different locations throughout your room. So, try placing your textured items where you think they’ll elicit the most prominent sensations, in places where they will play off each other. Think of symmetry when you are planning the location of your textured items. For example, if you have two kilim pillows, try placing one each in separate corners. And if you use a throw cover on one piece of furniture, then you will likely want to use a throw cover on all of the pieces in that same room. To further enhance the sense of symmetry in that same room, you might also consider the use of these oval palm tree static clings since they come as a pair of two.

oval palm tree static cling window film

Do You Need Privacy?

Privacy is an essential component for anyone, especially if they have large windows that face a nearby street or side windows that allow for a direct line of sight from the neighboring homes. However, what is one of the more common methods of adding privacy to a living space often translates to no light coming in, which is the opposite of what should be accomplished. The best discretionary measure that delivers privacy is also one that allows in natural sunlight. To accomplish both, you can select from a wide variety of privacy window film.

Bamboo privacy static cling window film

For example, you the bamboo privacy window film static cling allows the perfect amount of natural light in, enough to keep rooms well lit, but not so much that you have to worry about harmful UV rays, which not only create a challenging glare, but can also fade furniture, upholstery, textiles, and floors over prolonged exposure. Plus, the simple, yet classic look of bamboo makes it a well rounded and easy to match item for virtually any home décor theme.

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