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Eclectic Interior Design Style Defined

Eclectic Interior Design Style Defined

Eclectic interior design style often makes people think of bohemian décor. However, eclectic design tends to be thought of as having a more mature allure. If you are a high energy person, or are looking to invigorate your life and add some much needed energy, then eclectic interior style might be that missing spark you have been looking for. You might very well find yourself spellbound by the eclectic palette, featuring bold colors, textures, and patterns. Eclectic takes a little practice to bring all the different components together without seeming chaotic or scattered, but with the integration of a few key focal points, you will love the way this rich mix comes together to present a very cohesive and complementary composition. Read on to learn if eclectic interior design style is what your home has been missing. And do not forget to look for door decals, mirror film for windows, screen door film, and decorative window decals to really bring it all together and compete your eclectic adventure.

Consistency Is Key

Achieving consistency is very crucial to a properly designed eclectic living space. While we do want to present a spirited and liberated creative direction complete with strategic degrees of distinction and nuances. You can achieve this consistency in eclectic design by implementing layers of design that each represent a different era or movement. Therefore, it is very important to always think of harmony when you are starting to plan out the era-rich layers you plan to incorporate throughout your home. Ask yourself, will this layer complement that other layer? Will those layers all work together to create spirited design teamwork? It is also important to note that it is usually best to first work out your primary design layers before selecting your decorative window film since there are so many different types of decorative static clings to choose from and it is very easy to find the perfect complement to your primary design components.

Decorative Window Film


But do not get too caught up in making sure everything is just right. That is because the eclectic design style is all about experimenting. You may very well go through several versions of your design before finally settling on the exact combination and unity that you find will work best for your home and your own personal preferences.

Harmonize Disparate Styles and Juxtaposing Textures

It is helpful to first look at pictures of all the different components you would like to incorporate. Some people have found it very helpful to cut pictures out of magazines or take screenshots of products online. They then take those images and situate them just like they would in their home. From there, you can see which juxtapositions, combinations, will play well with together, as well as which components will create too stark of a contrast and will harm the harmony of the whole picture. Something else that will help you achieve harmony is starting with one neutral hue and one accent color to get started. The use of a calm and relaxing neutral hue around your home makes it easy to layer over with other patterns. And you should also be thinking about the use of proper textures to give your rooms that additional dimension, seeming to pull you in to another world of fun harmony. You can also easily add texture to any room with the use of textured static window film.

Textured static cling window film

Shop our selection of etched sidelight window film or even our rolls of window film, which grant you the freedom to be creative enough to complete your eclectic design project.

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