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Coastal Interior Design Style Defined

Coastal Interior Design Style Defined



dolphin wall mural

Whether you live on the coast near the ocean or just want to make it feel like you live near the sea, the coastal interior design style provides a wonderfully refreshing take on interior design. Combining coastal and beach house elements breath light, bright, and airy environs into your home, promoting a dreamy but very realistic vibrancy of neutral but creative colors and themes to soak up the sun’s rays. Commonly featuring an oceanic color palette of greens, especially sea foam green, as well as light blues inspired by the sea will having you feeling supremely relaxed and like you are on permanent vacation.

Coastal style continues to spread its popularity, even far beyond homes that are actually in close proximity to bodies of water. It does not matter if you live far inland, you are sure to automatically feel a lively, yet relaxed feeling of serene, yet exciting feel of being right there on the beach, out on the water, or even down under swimming with the fishes. That is why coastal interior design is still growing in popularity.

Sea Adventure Wall Mural

Types of Coastal Interior Design Styles

By incorporating beautiful ocean tones and hues with sun-bleached bright whites and natural fabrics and materials, your coastally designed home will be dancing with light and carefree positivity. But what has surprised some folks is that there are unique styles of coastal design. While there are, of course, some similarities, there are some striking differences that do help you to find one that best matches your personality and type of home, regardless of location. These distinct coastal interior designs are Tropical Island Coastal, Mediterranean Coastal, and American Coastal.

American Coastal Interior Design

The American coastal style is considered to possibly be the most relaxed and comfortable of the coastal designs. It includes cottage, contemporary, and coastal styles, all of which deliver abundant natural light, warm whites representing the sand on the beach and lovely ocean hues, surfaces that reflect, soft feeling couches and chairs, complemented by nautical décor such as wood furnishings and even some wrought iron fixtures and accessories reminiscent of boat anchors.

Ocean In Your Living Room

Wall murals provide a brilliant way to bring the ocean right inside your home. For example, playful and friendly, the Dolphin In The Sun wall mural will make you smile every time. And for a supremely relaxing sensation, you should try the Ocean Breeze wall mural. Or for a little more romance, you might consider the Pier at the Seaside wall mural.

ocean pier wall mural

Whether it is out on to the water or your yard, windows allow for that wonderful view to the outside. But windows can also sometimes befuddle people who either do not know what to do with their windows, or do not have room in their budgets for new window fixtures and fabrics. There is a very easy fix that allows you to inject some coastal design for your windows—static clings! Few things announce a coastal area better than the iconic lighthouse. Try an oval lighthouse static cling to bring the ocean right to your home. Another iconic ocean element is sailboats. The Oval Mermaid static cling is widely popular for both windows and shower doors.

oval mermaid static cling

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