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Bohemian Interior Design Style Defined

Bohemian Interior Design Style Defined

If you tend to characterize yourself as a bit on the carefree side, then the bohemian interior design style might be the exact type of décor you have been questing for. This interior style is commonly thought of as one of the more fuss-free and liberating décor themes, even labeled as heady and intoxicating. One of the especially fun elements of the bohemian style is that it pulls from inspirations from around the world. Presenting a blend of exotic components based on a foundation of approachable comfort, bohemian décor has definitely become infinitely popular. Read on to learn more about this style and whether it might be a good fit for you and your home.

Eclectic Décor

One of the elements that make bohemian interior design so popular is that it can be executed fairly comfortably within most budgets. That is because much of this interior design can be accomplished with flea market finds such as vintage, antique, and even certain kitschy furnishings and accessories. But do not be mistaken, bohemian style also infuses subtle, yet noticeable glamor via pieces such as crystal lighting fixtures, crystal bowls, fabrics with beads sown in, and tasteful hints of jewels. All of these elements work together to create stylish relaxation. For example, you can achieve a perfect hint of jewels with mirror window film and mirror film for windows.

Mirror window film


Splendid Juxtapositions Combine to Create Bohemian Oasis

If you love brightness, lively and creative patterns, and a mix of cultural influences, then you will love the noteworthy layers of bohemian interior design style. This style is quite memorable. In fact, the word “bohemian” is used to describe someone who is socially unconventional. A bohemian is also someone characterized as often being involved with artistic activities, making it a great interior design option for a rich and heady space full of visual interest and a relaxed spirit. You can find many fun decorative window decals to help you achieve this.

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So, how do you achieve the distinctive style of bohemian without having your interior seem too scattered or heavy handed? Start with a simple base. It is really helpful to create a solid foundation by using a simple base color. Warm and earthy tones provide the perfect backdrop for your bohemian style rooms. With a neutral tone base, you can then layer the more expressive colors and patterns on top of and around that base. This way, you will succeed in preventing too much “noise” in your decorating. Plus, with a more neutral base color scheme, you are likelier to stay in love with those tones for longer, since they are easy to redecorate around years from now should you find that you want to change things up.

With neutral tones as your base, you will love the way decorative window film stained glass will pop with a lovely explosion of color in contrast to your base. (You can also try stained glass sidelight window film to let some natural sunlight in and still enjoy the beauty of stained glass.) 

Decorative window film stained glass

Go Green with Bohemian

Since the bohemian interior design is very much focused on earthy tones, it makes plenty of sense to fill in your rooms with natural botanicals. Plants provide a cost effective way to pull off the bohemian style, helping to enhance the relaxed and tranquil vibe which bohemian is well known for. Purifying your air, improving the overall sense of relaxation, and providing just the right pops of color throughout your home, plants can do wonders for elevating your bohemian style. Plus, you can add some privacy film for windows to further enhance the sense of tranquility for your private oasis.

Shop our selection of window privacy film, stained glass clings, and static cling window film for the perfect complement to your new bohemian interior design style.

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