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Asian Zen Interior Design Style Defined

Asian Zen Interior Design Style Defined

If you are interested in pursuing a more minimal, yet richly meditative and spiritual new approach to your interior design, then Asian Zen interior design style might satisfy what you crave. And although the Asian Zen style is well known for its minimal and pared down style, you will find that there are unique layers incorporated in this design that can succeed in granting your home exceptional depth and elegance. And do not forget to look through your options for window privacy film as well as static cling window film to help you complete your new Asian Zen theme.

Minimal and Peaceful Elegance

 Zen is a a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition. Beyond that direct definition, Zen continues to grow in popularity and has adopted a great many definitions, with many people applying their own definition of exactly what Zen means to them in their own lives. As an overarching definition, many people would agree that Zen means relaxation, intelligent pleasure, “being in the moment” or an appreciative cognizance of one’s current state, and has even been described as the feeling of a mysterious and other worldly experience.

Having that definition in your mind will likely provide a great help when planning out your Asian Zen interior design project. For example, when you look at an incredibly cluttered room, ask yourself, “Does this make me feel relaxed? Probably not. Or, when you look into a room dominated by numerous and loud, bold colors, do you think you would be able to meditate and find inner peace in such a setting. Again, most likely not. This is not to say you can’t still enjoy bouts of color in your newly decorated rooms. But they have to be strategic and cannot be too dominant in size or the degree of their color. For example, the Gecko Zentangle Screen Door Magnet is not only right on theme with your Asian Zen design, but door decals are also on the smaller side, so they will not dominate any space, yet big enough to make you smile or help remind you to center yourself as you walk through your door.

Geck Seren Door Magnet 

Of course, there are large and dominant accessories and furnishing that still make perfect sense to incorporate if they are 100 percent in theme. For example, the Golden Buddha Wall Mural would go splendidly with your Asian Zen design. In fact, if you find that you do not have the budget for many of the other components necessary to pull of a comprehensive home makeover, just a single wall mural can go a long way in carrying the burden of design and help you transform your home even if that is the only change you make.

Golden Buddha Wall Mural

 Organic Components Complemented by Calming Colors

As mentioned, tranquility and relaxation are the primary goals with Asian Zen design. Therefore, you should select from a calm color palette. Whites and soft neutral colors will go a long way in promoting your new tranquility. You can still use darker colors for accenting. And you should also consider larger pieces of furniture since you will naturally use fewer pieces of furniture due to space restrictions, which helps declutter and promote a sense of calm that is not found in rooms with many, smaller pieces of furniture. And, if you can, try to make use of as much natural light as possible. This, too, will help promote tranquility. If you can make use of natural light, try stained glass sidelight film to get the most from that natural light. If you do not have many opportunities for natural light, then consider softer light bulbs.

Shop our selection of stained glass sidelight window film as well as screen door film to help bring it all together.
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