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Art Deco Interior Design Style Defined

Art Deco Interior Design Style Defined

First garnering massive popularity in America and Europe all the way back in the 1920s and 1930s, art deco interior design has been making a reemergence. This style was born of the feeling for a need for a significant contrast to the minimalism and nature-based inspirations that made up the preceding design style of art nouveau. Art deco is considered to be glamorous, without quite being glitzy, while still offering some modern functionality. In fact, because of this, art deco has surpassed being just an interior design style to actually heavily influence entire architectures. Read more to learn how you might incorporate art deco interior design style throughout your home. And do not forget to take a look into your options for static cling window film and window privacy film to go along with your new design project.

Make a Statement

If you could sum up what art deco means to many people, it would be “make a statement.” Featuring proud and courageous geometric patterns with hard angles, art deco forces multiple focal points in every room. But despite multiple focal points, you will still find harmony in the design because there is a obvious emphasis on symmetry. Furthermore, previous generations of art deco design featured bold use of gold and steel alongside myriad expensive and even gaudy materials, which spoke of times past where being rich was not enough, requiring homes to be oozing with opulence. But after having survived the roaring 20s and the Great Depression and then a lull in popularity for a few decades, art deco interior design is back and better than ever.

One of the reasons behind its resurgence and renewed popularity is that there is less of an emphasis on the focus of expensive materials. Instead, art deco has become much more true to its name, featuring a healthy and creative focus on art. In fact, people love this design because it essentially makes one’s home an empty canvas, allowing people to transform their empty canvas into a living and breathing work of art. Speaking of beautiful art work, many people have absolutely loved the way static cling window film and stained glass clings have helped bring beautiful art into their home with ease. An especially popular type of stained glass window film is stained glass sidelight film.

Stained Glass Sidelight Film

 Which Materials Are Used in Art Deco Interior Design?

If you have ever scanned through a long list of pictures of art deco designs, you will surely have noticed a recurring pattern of some classic materials—stainless steel, chrome, glass, lacquer, and inlaid wood. Not just that, but some of the more adventurous art deco homes have even featured some wild exotic skins like shark and zebra. If you are more on the adventurous side, the good news is that you can get virtually any type of animal skin as a faux material to ensure no harm ever comes to our precious animals.

Some materials that are significantly more on the expensive side, but are still worth mentioning, are ebony, marble, and rare woods. Again, you can easily find imitation materials that allow you to achieve virtually the same look, but at a fraction of the cost, making even the finest art deco design accessible to everyone. Furthermore, many art deco homes feature some type of fancy mirror. As much as a single fancy mirror can dress up a room all by itself, they can be hard to justify purchasing since they can be fairly expensive. The easy solution to that is mirror window film. You can find mirror film for windows, such as etch window film, that make it incredibly easy to dress up any mirror in your home and completely transform it.

Oval Sun Face Window Film

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