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Check out our Sale Items! Deals up to 30%-40% off!
A Guide to Commercial Window Tinting using Window Films

A Guide to Commercial Window Tinting using Window Films

If you have a commercial building, it will benefit from commercial window tinting. There are advantages to having window tinting that will help with the bottom line of your business.


Window Films Help Control Energy Costs

Sun control is a big problem for business offices. It can heat the office and make it uncomfortable for workers. 

Unfortunately, that necessitates using air conditioning to get your office to a level comfortable enough to work in. 

Being able to control the sun coming in through your office windows will cut down on energy costs and create a pleasant work environment for all concerned.

If your business location is in a sunny part of the country, like Florida, you could spend a lot more on energy bills keeping your office comfortable than other offices in cooler states.

Maybe you don't live in a southern state, but your office faces the sun, and you really get a lot of heat coming in. 

If you are in an older office building, the glass in the windows may not be double-paned. In that case, even more heat is going to be coming in, and your energy costs will rise.

You could save as much as 20% on energy bills by having window film that blocks heat from entering your office. 


Window Films Help Keep Carpet and Furniture From Fading

You have spent time and money to equip your office with both carpet and furniture. Those are costly items that you don't want to have to replace often. 

At the same time, your office needs to look fresh and appealing to customers coming in and for the employees who work there.

The sun can fade your investments faster than you think. Windows and glass doors that face southwest can cause fading in a short length of time.

Even carpet that is in other areas can develop noticeable fading damage in as little as six months.

The majority of all carpet warranties will exclude color fading as a manufacturing defect for this very reason.

Some businesses will have drapes or blinds installed to both give privacy and provide protection from the sun. 

While this is effective, it is also a costly proposition. And to work as a protection against the sun, the drapes or blinds must be closed.

You can help prevent premature fading and having to replace carpet or furniture by installing window film to your business windows.

If you have chosen artwork for your office, window film will keep the sun's UV rays from fading and ruining pictures on your walls.


Installation Is DIY

Not only will the window film help with energy costs and guard against fading, but the beauty is also that you can install it yourself.

Having a company come in to do the work is costly. Both the product and the installation can really add up. 

If your business location is on an upper floor and the company installs from the outside, it will incur additional costs.

With films from Window Film World, the films install from the inside. So no matter what floor your company is on, you will be able to do the installation yourself. 

You can choose to do just part of the window, too. You could do the lower half of the window and leave the top half undone. 

This will help change the direction of the light coming in and still prevent fading and harmful UV rays from damaging your investments, while still giving you a view of the sky. 


Window Film Blocks Unwanted Views

Frosted window film is one of the most popular films for businesses and offices. It looks professional and provides elegance at the same time. 

If your company has interiors offices, this window film will give you maximum privacy while still allowing the light in.

If your office is located on a bottom floor or on a busy corner, the window film gives you the privacy you need from all of the outside annoyances.

This is especially advantageous if your office does not have the most pleasant views. Those outside views may also be less than appealing to clients. 

The views may be a distraction to you as well, as you try to accomplish the day's tasks. You can block out the view and distraction yet still have a bright and airy office setting.


Window Films Add Security

Not a small thing: privacy window films are a simple way to provide a security level to your business office. 

You have a bit more control when those outside of your office cannot see in. It will give you and your employees a sense of security.


Window Film World's Frosted Window Films For Businesses

Window Film World has several frosted privacy films that will work in your business office.

The film will block unwanted views and viewers alike. They will clock 99% of the UV-B rays and 91% of UV-A rays that can damage your assets and your skin.

Some of the sizes are 36" x 100' rolls, 48" x 100' rolls, 60' x 100' rolls and 72" x 100' rolls.

They come in both adhesive and static cling.

You will be able to install either of these types yourself and save a bundle on installation charges.


#1 Frosted Window Film (Privacy Adhesive)


Frosted Window Film


You can choose your width with this adhesive film. All widths will come in a 100’ length. 


#2 EZ Film Tinted Frost (Privacy Static Cling)


EZ Film Tinted Frost


This static cling is 17” x 39”. You can remove and reposition is needed.  


#3 EZ Film Frosted Film (Privacy in Static Cling or Adhesive)


EZ Film Frosted


This film will provide privacy for any office. You will be able to see vague shadows if you are a few inches away, but you cannot see in or out. 


No Smoking Decals

If you need to place a "No Smoking" sign on the door at your business, WFW has an oval sign that is static cling. 

Place it where you need to. It is repositionable and removable. You will also be able to use it again if removed. 

This sign will cling to glass or smooth plastic or mirrors. The decal comes in vertical or horizontal positions.


Oval No Smoking 4" x 6" (Static Cling)

No Smoking Decal


In Conclusion

The costs of running a business are high. At the same time, there are items that you will need to invest in. Carpet, furniture, artwork and energy costs are all items that will be necessities.

The film that you install yourself will last for years to come and need no maintenance. If you choose, you can remove it at any time with no damage to the underlying glass.

Window film is a big win for the business office and will add privacy, security and look good at the same time. 

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