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Sea Turtle Screen Door Saver Magnets (5" x 5.25")

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Did you know that out of the seven known species of sea turtles, an alarming six of those species are critically endangered! That is a sad statistic. However, while they are endangered out in the wild, there is no shortage of sea turtle screen door saver magnets. These magnets enable you to take advantage of an incredibly easy way to stop people from walking into your screen doors. These super fun looking magnets are highly visible, so people can easily see that there is a screen door before bumping right into, which often leads to torn screens and even knocking the whole door out of the frame. Instead of having to pay for a whole new screen door after someone walks through it, you can pay a very small fraction of that cost and enjoy these helpful little seat turtle screen door magnets.

And did you know that seat turtles have been on this planet for more than 200 million years? In fact, they evolved before mammals, birds, crocodiles, snakes, and even lizards, which are often thought to be the oldest. That makes them one of the absolute oldest creatures on earth. That also means you get to honor one of the most stalwart creatures by featuring them on your screen doors.


STOP! The screen is closed. Avoid accidentally walking into closed screen doors. With Sea Turtle Screen Door Saver Magnets in place, it visually lets you, your guests and even your pets know the screen is closed.These adorable magnets have really caught on as the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to repair (cover) small screen holes.

But, what exactly are they?

  • Flexible, rubberized magnetic material
  • Die-cut designs of two identical magnets, which are placed back to back with the screening in between.
  • Work on any type of screen material
  • Will not rust and will stand up to adverse weather conditions.

Instructions: Each package contains 2 matching identically shaped reversed magnets with printing/design on each side.

  1. Separate the magnets and align on each side of screen. Black sides of magnets must face each other.
  2. Just stick them together and bingo, the hole is gone.

These magnets will NOT work for roll up or retractable screens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Kenneth Shinsky

Great graphics Quality magnets Very Nice Product !!!


Great size for screen . As pictured online the colors are very vibrant.

Kathy black

I gave the sea turtle away as a gift. I have 2 gecko’s on my screen that I love! Love, love!

Richard Michael

Have a vacation home on the shore in Cocoa Beach Fl. I have a very late patio door and wanted to put screen magnets on the screen to keep peop[le from walking through it. Metal screen magnets would only lat a month or 2 before corroding in the salt air. I purchased these and they have lasted a year now and show no sign on corroding anytime soon. they are larger than most screen magnets so are more visible and are attractive . I would definitely recommend for salty high corrosive enviornmenets

Laurie Bates

This is very cute and also very effective. Nobody has walked into the screen since we got this.