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Palm Tree Screen Door Magnets (5"x 6.5")

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Few things say island paradise like a couple of palm trees, complete with what we know to be absolutely delicious coconuts, hanging out and waiting to be plucked off and enjoyed! That is why you must have these palm tree screen door magnets. You will love how simple it is to instantly infuse a bit of your very own paradise within your home. You will love how the bright sun peeking through the palms looks. And what says tropical paradise better than an actual island? Now you can have your own island paradise right at your doorstep. 

Not only are these palm tree magnets really fun to look at, they have also proven to be an exceptionally easy way to help preserve the integrity of your screen doors. They make it virtually impossible to not see your screen door, which consistently helps stop people from pounding right through your door because they didn’t perceive the hard to see screen. And these palm tree screen door magnets can also help save your screens in a different way. That is because the simple design involves the two magnets being placed on either side of each other, so they effectively sandwich any rips, tears, or holes you might already have in your door.

 STOP! The screen is closed. Avoid accidentally walking into closed screen doors. With Palm Tree decorative screen magnets in place, it visually lets you, your guests and even your pets know the screen is closed.These adorable magnets have really caught on as the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to repair (cover) small screen holes.

But, what exactly are they?

  • Flexible, rubberized magnetic material
  • Die-cut designs of two identical magnets, which are placed back to back with the screening in between.
  • Work on any type of screen material
  • Will not rust and will stand up to adverse weather conditions.

Instructions: Each package contains 2 matching identically shaped reversed magnets with printing/design on each side.

  1. Separate the magnets and align on each side of the screen. Backsides of magnets must face each other.
  2. Just stick them together and bingo, the hole is gone.

These magnets will NOT work for roll-up or retractable screens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Sheila Porcelli

The magnets are very cute and adhere very well.

Terra Fairburn


Joanne Vetterman

This is a great product. It saves people from walking into the screen not realizing it is closed.

Hi, Joanne, Thank you for your positive review!

Richard Sloan

Decorative, colorful and very visible. Looks great on balcony sliders from both sides. Wish we had more screens!

Sharla Schultze

product is as described on website. colorful and seem to be well-made. easy to attache to screen door. works great. shipped quickly.