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Barcelona Stained Glass Window Film | (Adhesive)

Item # FAB11806
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This colorful stained glass privacy window film brings an air of brilliance to any glass surface. A beautiful mosaic of shapes and colors naturally refracts light, while bringing a radiant finish to any room.

  • Fablon Sticky Back Plastic
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Can be Applied to the Majority of Flat Surfaces
  • Ideal Way to Enhance Plain Glass
  • Adds Decoration to Glass
  • Comes in a 26.57" x 78.74" Roll

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Jeffrey Aal

Great product. It is amazing what a little bit of film, paint, and hardware will do to spruce up a pantry door. The light from behind (inside the pantry) really makes the colors pop. Easy enough to install, take your time, use lots of wetting solution, so simple even I can do it. Before and after photos.

Hello Jeffrey,

Thanks for sharing the pics with us. It does look amazing!
And thank you for your feedback.

John Fildes

The window film was very easy to apply.
Looks great and with the changing sunlight throughout the day, the colors change, giving the window a point of focus now, so much better than looking at our neighbors kitchen window !

Andrea Beebe

Beautiful colorful window film. More than we hoped. Great product.

Steven Hoey

Great product. Looks beautiful in my windows. Be sure to follow application directions. Slowly peel away backing from adhesive side after getting a corner of the film adhered in place as you smooth the film over the entire window. Great look. Great buy.

Ken Lecco
Great Product

Installed a pattern in 5 windows for a funeral home chapel. Came out awesome. Highly recommend.