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Urban Modern Interior Design Style Defined

Urban Modern Interior Design Style Defined

If cosmopolitan living is highly appealing to you, then urban modern interior design might be exactly what your home needs for a makeover. Regardless of where you live, urban modern style allows you to enjoy the elevated city life. Think of the exciting harmony between contemporary, modern, and even industrial elements. Those elements combine to stir up energetic feelings of inspiration based on a rather timeless method of home décor. Urban modern allows you to make a comprehensive statement in any room of your home, calling up thoughts of the great Big Apple infused with chic elements that will easily impress your friends and family. Read on to learn more about what defines the urban modern interior design style.

Sophisticated City Dwelling in any Location

People who have industrial lofts or modern apartments with scenic views of the city are especially big fans of this style. But urban modern provides an opportunity to create comfortable glamour regardless of your locale, allowing you to create your own little oasis of chic comfort. This decorative style emphasizes light and airy spaces that make use of architectural highlights, made complete by visionary furnishings and splendid décor.

Soft and Comfortable

While some might think that sophistication can be stuffy and uncomfortable, the sophistication born of urban modern design is built around plush comfort. This might be surprising since industrial tones are typically featured throughout urban modern. But spirited ultra modern style also hinges on softer elements, including warm hues and plush furnishings and rugs.

As part of the softer side to this design style, urban modern encourages calm relaxation, isolated serenity amidst a bustling city. You will enjoy the sense of calming charm mixed with a sense of steady energy achieved by using neutral colors and the introduction of warmer tones. An example of décor that combines softer tones and underlying energy is the Urban Jungle Wall Mural.

Urban Jungle Wall Mural

The Importance of a Feature Wall in Urban Modern Design

If you are going to execute urban modern design, then you should definitely consider painting a feature wall or alcove. Using a warmer tone for your paint color will help offset the industrial tones found elsewhere in the urban modern design of your home. This helps bring the comfort element back into your design without making it feel like you are living in an industrial factory. The use of neutral colors does a great job of anchoring the design and unifying the different elements. Or, what some people have done instead of painting a feature wall is use a larger than life wall mural. For example, the Urban Wall Mural would go very nicely with your urban modern style, and would serve as a likely substitute for a painted feature wall.

Get Creative with Scale

Incorporating varying scale throughout your urban modern home is a great way prevent too many incongruent elements. While you need to provide colors that will be pleasing to the eye, too many bright tones can lead you astray from the industrial tone you are going for. That is where playing with scale can come in. An example of playing with varying scale would be to have oversized and overstuffed furnishing complement by smaller accessories such as lighting fixtures and art pieces. The Neon Urban Wall Mural makes for a great piece to add to this blend.

Neon Urban Wall Mural


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