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Two Fantastic Things You Can Do with Window Film

Two Fantastic Things You Can Do with Window Film

stained glass window film

Window film delivers one of the easiest ways to not only dress up your home but also enjoy some exceptional functional and pragmatic benefits. Read on to discover the different options you have for using window film throughout your home, apartment, office, car…virtually anywhere.

1) Stained Glass Window Film

Faux stained glass window film delivers the same exceptionally beautiful look of real stained glass, but at a very small fraction of what it would cost you for real stained glass, and that is not even accounting for the great expense of removing your current window and having the real stained glass installed.


While some people think that stained glass windows belong only in the fanciest buildings or fine cathedrals, you can find a wide variety of stained glass window film. This beautiful selection makes it very easy to find a certain stained glass film that will allow you to perfectly match the window film with whatever theme or overarching sense of décor you have in your home or the room you are thinking about placing it in. Now you can accomplish that richly famous stained glass window look regardless of what your budget looks like, all without having to compromise on quality!

2) Add Textured Style to Any Room

Textured window film, such as the Glacier textured static cling, works wonders for adding texture to any room of your home. Technically, even smooth surfaces, such as shiny metal or plastic, have their own texture. But when we talk about adding texture to your home in the sense of style and home décor, we mean texture to be some thing that has a pattern, some thing that gives the impression of movement. Texture can also refer to some thing that makes us want to feel it, some thing that would make us feel like it would be interesting to touch. The right type of texture can achieve a number of different goals for your home décor. For example, certain types of texture can make a room feel cozy. Other types of textures can make your room feel complete. When looking at your options for textured window film, consider what type of emotion you would like to invoke in that room or what style goal you would like to achieve.

Glacier Textured Window Film

No Mess

Regardless of where you choose to place your new window film, you can look forward to a nice and tidy process because all of these window film options are based on exceptional static cling technology. That means you will not have to worry about anymessy residue or sticky adhesive left behind on your windows and glass doors. This is especially helpful if you ever decide that one of your window films would look better on a different window in your home. For example, you may want to move your window film to another window in your home if you find that you like the way the sun comes through your stained glass window film better in a room on the other side of your home. Or, perhaps some rooms get too much glaring sunlight coming through, and you need to move your window film there to reduce glare.

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