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Tired of the Same View? Try Window Film

Tired of the Same View? Try Window Film

Mondrian Stained Glass

You can’t always choose the outside scenery. But you can change your view from the inside! And it does not require any type of expensive remodel. The key to your new view is window film. With countless options for decorative window film to choose from, you can choose to opt for virtually any view you desire.

One of the of the most perpetually popular options is stained glass window film. Real stained glass typically costs multiple hundreds of dollars. It is not infrequent that stained glass actually costs thousands of dollars. And that price can sometimes be just for the glass itself. If you add in the price of installation as well, then the price tag can quite possibly double.

While the dazzling effect of stained glass might make it worth that kind of sky-high price, it is hard to justify actually spending that kind of money on something that is purely there for aesthetic reasons, with virtually no practical logic behind it. That is why more and more people are turning to faux stained glass window film.

Large Stained Glass


You can find decorative window film stained glass that looks incredibly intricate and complex, as though you hired a master artisan to create it just for your very own home. However, what comes as a rather nice surprise is just how easy it is to apply to virtually any window in your home. In fact, it is easy enough to apply on your own. If you have a spouse, roommate, or friend that can help you, that would indeed make an already quick project even quicker, helping you hold the window film in place as you apply it to the entire surface of the window. And it usually helps to have a long and flat tool, such as a yard stick, to help you smooth out any air bubbles that may have occurred during the initial application of the stained glass film. Using a long and flat tool to smooth out the air bubbles will help you create a very smooth, seamless, and professional looking installation of your window film.

Once you have considered stained glass, you might find it hard to consider any other type of window film because of how gorgeous the stained glass effect looks. However, you may also wish to consider etched glass vinyl decals. Glass etching involves the methods of creating art on the surface of glass. Typically, an acidic, caustic, or abrasive substance is applied to the glass after the glass has been blown or cast. The elimination of very small quantities of glass creates the distinguished rough surface and translucent quality of frosted glass. Some glass etching is done with the use of molds, which has replaced some types of traditional surface etching in some cases. Traditional, real etched glass can be quite costly like real stained glass. But etched glass decals provide a very cost effective alternative. And you won’t be able to tell the difference between the real and vinyl unless you touch it.

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