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Rustic Interior Design Style Defined (Part 3)

Rustic Interior Design Style Defined (Part 3)

If you are inspired by the serenity of outdoors, the peacefulness of a quaint farmhouse, and love natural and weathered looks, then rustic interior design style might be exactly what you have been looking for. Learn about the different elements and components that make up the rustic design to help you decide if rustic interior style is the right choice for your home and personal taste.

Real, Raw, Natural

Rustic interior design can incorporate a variety of elements that make it relatively easy to incorporate a number of items that you might already have in your home or will at least be very easy to find at vintage rummage sales, second hand stores, specialty stores, or even simple big box stores.

Rustic décor is rich with natural and weathered finishes, raw wood, stone, and leather. But one of the wonderful things about rustic interior design style is the subtle feeling of sophistication that it manages to exude. For example, you can combine a fun blend of furnishings that succeed in making a statement. For example, you can try incorporating custom plush Sherpa sofas, the industrial inspired wire accessories, and unique leather couches and chairs.

And what comes as a surprise to some is that you can actually combine some very modern elements throughout your new rustic décor. The ability to pursue this type of combination allows you to fabricate a gorgeous, one of a kind living space.

Emphasis on Nature

Rustic style is built around a fantastic emphasis on rugged, natural beauty. It envelopes a setting inspired by nature, which means it incorporates a textured components complemented by deep and rich earthy tones. Rustic design does a lovely job of being unpretentious and giving off a feeling of a very organic and warm welcoming for you and all your guests. That is why a peel and stick vintage wood wall mural would serve as the perfect complement for a home featuring rustic interior design. Another fun option is the reclaimed wood wall mural.

Vintage Wood Wall Mural Reclaimed Wood Wall Mural

Traditional Versus Contemporary Rustic

There are generally two primary types of rustic interior design style. The first is traditional rustic style, which tends to appear heavier and darker. You can accomplish this with rich wood stains, dark overstuffed leather couches, dark and solid colored furnishings without any patterns, and dark wrought iron stair railings and light fixtures. On the other side, you also have the option of pursuing a more contemporary rustic style. This is a newer type of rustic design, which has really only come out in main stream designing over just the last few years. The contemporary version of rustic style can succeed in creating a fresher feeling, still rustic, but much lighter. The Serene Cream peel and stick wallpaper would provide an ideal complement for a contemporary rustic interior design.

Serene Cream Peel and Stick Wallpaper

So then, the version of rustic design you choose should largely depend on your own personal preferences. Furthermore, something else that might help you decide which version of rustic style is best for you is to assess what type of structure and layout your home features. In some cases, the more contemporary rustic style might work better for smaller rooms and homes as the lighter theme can sometimes get lost or absorbed by larger spaces. Have fun getting back to nature!

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