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Check out our Sale Items! Deals up to 30%-40% off!
How to Stop People from Walking through Your Sliding Glass and Screen Doors

How to Stop People from Walking through Your Sliding Glass and Screen Doors

Screen Door Magnet

Window film offers a fantastic variety of uses that are easy to take advantage of. But with so many window film sale items available to you, you should review the following considerations to help you decide on which items will best suit your needs.

Home Safety

People do not typically associate safety with window film. However, they actually provide a very simple way to add a good degree of safety to your home. Namely, how often have you or someone else charged right into your glass sliding doors, thinking they were open? Sliding glass door safety decals deliver a surprisingly simple way to help prevent people from walking into their doors and hurting themselves. Think of it this way, an inexpensive decorative window cling could save thousands in lawsuits.

sliding glass door safety decals

And these items go beyond providing just an added safety element. You will also see that they add a great deal of style. For example, you can count on frosted glass film to not only make it obvious that your sliding glass door is closed, but will also instantly enhance how your sliding glass doors look. You are sure to love how frosted glass decals give off a certain sense of approachable style, elegant yet warm and comforting.

Integrity of Your Screen Doors

Your screen doors can be just as deceiving as your glass doors, often making it hard to tell if they are open or closed, causing people to crash through them. While people are not nearly as likely to get hurt walking into a screen versus walking into solid glass, it can get relatively expensive needing to frequently replace your screen doors. Therefore, you should consider magnetic screen door savers. These handy items will go a long way in making an otherwise drab looking screen door look fantastic. And it is that fun look that will help make it readily apparent that the screen door is closed, alerting people before they walk through it.

Double sided magnets for screen doors take just a few seconds to apply. All you need to do is place one where you want it on your screen door, hold it there with one hand, and then place the matching side of the magnet directly opposite of it on the other side of the door. The magnets will cling to each other to hold each other in place. Magnet is the most reliable material to stay on your door, as most static clings and vinyl materials will not hold to the screen door material. There are lots of magnetic patio screen door saver options to choose from, which make it easy to match the theme of your home.  

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