How to Make Your Old Home Look Like New

zen stone wall mural peel and stick

Doing yard work, folding laundry, taking care of car repairs. Some things never end. Home decorating fits in that category of never ending projects. But home decorating can be a lot more fun and rewarding than those other menial and laborious chores and tasks. Read on to learn some nifty tips and tricks that you can put into action to make your old home look like new.

Go Greener than Ever Before

It is amazing how much difference adding a few plants throughout your home can make. Plants have the exceptional ability to elevate the style, warmth, and feeling of fun comfort in any room. With such a virtually infinite variety of plants to choose from, it is easy to pick your plants based on what type of style you would like to achieve in the homes that you will be redecorating. For example, if you would like to try and achieve a warmer and more welcoming feeling in a particular room of your home, then you should probably consider flowering plants. Or, if you would like to strive for a more modern or futuristic feeling in a particular room, then you should probably consider a plant with a tighter and more streamlined foliage. And if you have a room that possesses a lot of patterns and lines across your furniture and accessories, then you should consider plants with minimal patterns, plants with single solid colors, to avoid having your room seem to busy or chaotic.

And you might be surprised at how inexpensive plants can be. This is especially true if you look at the clearance section in your local Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, or other similar gardening store, landscaping store, or local home upgrade store. You can often find very inexpensive plants in the clearance section that simply require a little extra tender love and care before they spring back to life.

Plants can add color and texture in a way that few decorating accessories can accomplish. Not only that, but plants also do a wonderful job of absorbing pollutants, removing harmful gases, and helping to provide nice fresh air throughout your home. So, at the very least, you should think about adding some plants to your children’s rooms for the air cleaning benefits.

Change Up Your Pictures and Artwork

Since many of us are required to work within a bit of a tight budget, it is usually quite helpful to think of ways we can decorate for cheap, or better yet, for free. Therefore, you should take a tour of your home and look at components that you could simply swap, change up, or move around. You might be surprised at just how much difference it can make to move a few pictures from one room to other, different rooms in your home. This alone can help make your rooms look like they have been redecorated.

Wall Murals

Another way that you can make your rooms look completely new is to apply a wall mural. A wall mural can easily transform your entire room without you having to actually change anything else in your room. You can find a variety of different wall murals that will make it easy for you to either maintain your home’s current décor or achieve a whole new theme. For example, if you would like to try and achieve a more tranquil and serene feeling in your home, then you will likely love a zen stone wall mural.

Instantaneous Elegance and Style

Another super simple way to immediately add a wonderfully stylish enhancement to your redecorating efforts is with stained glass static cling window film. You will love the beautiful color that these stained glass window films add to each room. They are positively one of the simplest things you can do redecorate.

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