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Hollywood Regency Interior Design Style Defined

Hollywood Regency Interior Design Style Defined

If you are a fan of mature, very well polished glamor, then the Hollywood regency interior design style might be your new favorite style. Hollywood regency has been a very popular style for many years now. It boasts a timeless yet playful style, mixing art-deco inspirations and silhouettes. This design style is reminiscent of period French pieces, crystalline lines, vibrant pops of color, as well as highly glamorous tones emphasized by crystal, mirror, and high-gloss finishes and surfaces. Read on to learn more about the different components of this fabulous design for help deciding whether it is the right interior design style for your personal taste as well as the layout and style of your home.

Modern and Upbeat Aura

Some folks think that Hollywood regency style is akin to traditional interior design style because of its long and rich history, but this style is well liked for the modern and upbeat verve it comprehensively exudes. In fact, Hollywood regency is often referred to as regency modern. And it not only refers to interior design, but also exterior landscaping architecture as well.

You can bring Hollywood regency sophistication into your home by incorporating bold colors and high contrasts using metallic and glass accents. This combination transforms homes with a beautiful presentation and representation of opulence, while simultaneously delivering extreme comfort. Do these style components remind you of the homes of famous Hollywood actors and actresses? Yes, indeed! In fact, the Hollywood regency style nomenclature was born of the glamorous types of homes and estates of famous silver screen stars back in the Golden Era, which was approximately dated from 1920 through the end of the 1950s. It is widely agreed that the famous Dorothy Draper and Billy Haines, designers to the stars, coined the term “Hollywood regency.” We are sure Draper and Haines would agree that the Clear Ice Cubes privacy static clings would make for a perfect complement to Hollywood design.

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Hollywood regency is certainly not limited to the southern California area. Regardless of your geographical location, it really does come down to your personal preference. Personal preference aside, you should also take a survey of your home to see if this style would enhance the layout and structure of your home. Not all styles work well with certain layouts and structures of dwellings.

Characteristics of Hollywood Regency Interior Design Style

If brilliant and shining surfaces achieved with lacquer, chrome, and mirrored finishes is appealing to you, then you will love the pizazz and showy glamour of Hollywood regency. Every component of this style is intended to fully illustrate comprehensive luxury. And no, you do not have to wear silk bathrobes or gowns and sip martinis all day to look fabulous amidst this style.

If you achieve an over the top frivolousness, then you have achieved Hollywood regency. However, when done right, this design is still very pleasant, not too gaudy. This style has hints of Rococo style via the high contrasting components. In Hollywood regency styled homes, you will commonly see contrasting colors such pink, turquoise (from dark near-blue to bright pale sea foam), yellow, and black-and-white checkerboard. That is why people love the Black & White Squares adhesive wall mural for their Hollywood styled home.

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You will sometimes see somewhat orderly yet asymmetric repetitions as well as a blend of textures featured amongst soft and plush furnishings. And it has been noted that Hollywood style is especially effective in homes with high ceilings and large, oversized windows. Regardless of whether you have small or large windows, you can accentuate your Hollywood style with Eden privacy window film static clings. You can then use the Floral Silhouette wall art kit to tie the room together.

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Hollywood interior design might sound too expensive for most budgets, but even tight budgets can make room for this style if you have a knack for finding the right thrift pieces. From pieces inherited from grandparents to pieces found at rummage sales, sometimes all it takes is a little cleaning or polishing to make older pieces fit perfectly well with the Hollywood style.

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