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Do It Yourself Home-Makeover Tips

Do It Yourself Home-Makeover Tips

home make-over tips

Looking for simple ways to spice up your home? Or perhaps you are even in the process of trying to sell your home and are looking for some cost effective ways to enhance the staging of your home? Regardless of why you would like to enhance the current décor of your home, there are a lot of fun and simple things you can do to achieve a whole new look and feel with ease.

Ombre Walls in Your Home

An emerging home decorating method is ombre. Ombre is a blending of colors to create a fading effect. In regards to interior painting, it is essentially the blending of two or more colors on the same wall. Typically, to achieve the most dramatic effect, the ombre appearance starts with the lightest color near the top of your wall. You would then start blending into the medium value color. And you would then blend into the darkest hue at the bottom of the wall.

Or, you could do a variation of ombre painting and just do either two highly contrasting, but still complementary and matching colors. Or, you could opt to do two very similar hues of the same primary color on top of each other. Ombre is a beautiful painting method that does not require professional experience, but as with all new painting projects, it is always good to first test out your painting on a patch of wall that will remain covered after you are done; behind your couch, for example.

Add Fun Pops of Color by Painting Lampshades

An interesting do it yourself home redecorating is painting your lampshades. New light fixtures can get expensive, but with one small can of paint, you could make it look like you have brand new light fixtures throughout your home. And next time you are in your local hardware store, ask if they have any discounted paint in their clearance aisle. You can sometimes find full cans of paint, or even paint samples for mere cents.

It should be noted that oil-based paints and stains often contain flammable components, such as methanol, ketones and toluene. Therefore, you should use water-based paints when you need to do something in close proximity to a mild heat source such as a lamp or light since water-based paints are not flammable.

Increase Perception of Room Size with Mirrors

To really accentuate your new ombre or lampshade paint jobs, you could add some inexpensive framed mirrors to the room. These mirrors can do a great job in adding further dimension to your new ombre painted walls. Not only that, but adding mirrors can also help to make your room look even larger than it actually is. You may also want to consider mirror self-adhesive film. You can easily measure and cut the film to fit within picture frames you already have to achieve the same enhanced dimension perception as traditional mirrors.

mirror self-adhesive film

Slip into Stylish Covers

For another interesting do it yourself decorating tip, you might consider slip covers for your furniture. You can actually use drop cloths or bed sheets for this method, depending on the size of the furniture you need to cover. These would allow you to make it look like you have completely new furniture in your home, but without having to shell out thousands of dollars to do so.

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