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DIY Window Film

DIY Window Film

etched glass for mirrors

Looking for an easy way to apply some upgrades to your home? Do you want to be able to do it yourself and save a load of money? If so, DIY window film is the answer. You can research a large variety of films that will allow you to find something for every room in your home, office, apartment, motor home, and more.

Screen Door and Sliding Glass Door Safety

Repairing screens and glass doors can get very expensive. And it is not uncommon for people to try and walk through closed screen or glass doors, thinking they are actually open. A really quick and easy way to address these issues is with a magnetic patio screen door saver or sliding glass door decal. Screen magnets for patio doors take about 10 seconds to apply. All you need to do is hold them on opposite sides of your screen door, and they will magnetize to each other, holding themselves in place. Similarly, the sliding glass door clings can be applied in just seconds. These magnets and clings will make it abundantly obvious that your doors are closed, preventing people from accidentally crashing through them. Plus, these decals and magnets will also enhance the overall look of your doors.

DIY Bathroom Upgrades

The bathroom is typically one of the first rooms in the home to get an upgrade. The purely functional upgrades usually involve plumbing, which is almost always an expensive endeavor. This makes it all the more important to save money elsewhere when possible.

That’s why decals for mirrors that look like etched glass are so popular. Even at their least expensive, a small etched glass mirror for example, will cost at least 50 dollars. Whereas a real etched glass mirror of any significant size and fine style will easily cost at least a few hundred dollars. The etched glass look decals provide a highly cost effective and quick alternative for upgrading your mirror.

The bathroom is also the single most important room to have the right degree of privacy. That is why privacy film is another popular option to use in bathroom upgrades. You can use window privacy film on your transparent shower doors for essential privacy. Similarly, you can use privacy film for windows on any of the windows in your bathroom that would otherwise grant an unwelcome view into your bathroom. All you need to do is apply the privacy window film on your bathroom windows to enjoy instant privacy and a much more relaxed bathroom experience.

DIY Wall Décor

Walls are another common point of upgrade. If you want a higher quality paint and need to cover any significant area, that can get fairly expensive quickly. Not to mention the dogged attention you need to pay to painting within the lines and trying to avoid making a mess on your furniture and carpet. Instead, a very easy wall upgrade alternative can be found via peel and stick wallpaper. For example, Old Salem Vintage Wood Peel and Stick Wallpaper is a popular alternative to traditional paint. It delivers a lovely combination of rustic warmth with a modern edge.

wall decor peel and stick wallpaper

DIY Front-Door Window Upgrades

Your front door is the first thing that welcomes your guests. You obviously want it to be a warm and loving welcome. You can find any vinyl static cling to match your current door and window construction. For example, if you have windows on the sides of your door, you can use door side window films, such as stained glass window clings, that will make your guests feel like they are about to walk into a lovely cathedral. Also, you might have a completely transparent front door but want some privacy. In this case, you can get textured privacy static clings that will instantly privatize your front door while also enhancing the aesthetics.

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