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Free shipping on all orders of $100 or more! (USA only)
DIY Home Window Film Home Decor Enhancement Tips

DIY Home Window Film Home Decor Enhancement Tips

decorative privacy window film

There are a lot of fun things you can do to effectively give your home a new facelift. Try these tips and tricks to achieve a fantastic new look and feel throughout your home.

Make a Drab Bathroom Look Like a Designer Bathroom

People do not necessarily get excited about their bathroom (unless they have to go real bad). But there is actually a lot of relatively simple things you can do by yourself to dress up your bathroom and actually become a room that you enjoy looking at. For example, you might be surprised at just how much difference a decorative privacy window film can make when placed on your shower doors. These items can do a wonderful job of transforming an otherwise boring bathroom into a stylish room that you can. And the bonus is that they do not just look great, but they also provide the perfect degree of privacy, which is an especially welcome addition if you often have guests over or have kids running around the house and want a little more time to yourself even though parents never really have time to themselves.

To further enhance your home, you might also consider adding a seashell border static cling (white is frosted and black is see through). The seashell or other peel and stick borders can be used to add fun style to any place there is a smooth surface like windows, glass doors, shower doors, or similar surfaces.

seashell border static cling

They can also be used in combination with other window film decals. For example, you can use the designed border static cling decal in combination with oval decals. Used alone or in combination, they make it easy to create an accent area or promote a more comprehensive theme.

Customize Your Privacy and Window Design

While there are countless different types of window film that you can choose from to match your home’s current themes or achieve a new theme, there are simply some situations where you need to do your own thing. For those situations, you should consider EZ Film cut glass privacy window film static cling. Depending on the size of the surface that you need to apply your cut glass static cling, you may be able to simply roll it out and apply the window film as is. But quite often, your home will have a few odd shaped or sized surface areas, which will necessitate cutting a custom section. These EZ Film products are easy to customize if you need to. Just measure all the dimensions of the surface you need to decorate or apply privacy to, and then perhaps consider cutting the actual window film by a millimeter or so less than the actual surface of application to make sure it completely fits within the surface area.

EZ Film static cling

Even if you do not need to add privacy to your windows or glass doors, you might still wish to consider privacy window film for its other benefits. For example, these privacy window films can block 99 percent of UV-B rays and 91 percent of UV-A rays. Therefore, it helps protect you against harmful UV rays while also filtering light and reducing glare, which helps you see your television better, prevents you from squinting in your own home, and helps you protect the color value of your furniture and carpets.
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