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Check out our Sale Items! Deals up to 30%-40% off!
Daytime Privacy In Urban Homes with One-Way Window Film

Daytime Privacy In Urban Homes with One-Way Window Film

You love living in the city. Urban areas are the heart of activities. Anything worth attending is held in an urban area.

Both the upside and the downside of living in the center of the excitement is that there are always a lot of people and little privacy. 

While this is a tradeoff for having your finger on the pulse of the city, you make exceptions for this lack of privacy when you are out and about living life.

It is when you are home that the crush of humanity and lack of privacy is hard to get a break from.

You want to feel comfortable in your own home and know that you have a certain level of privacy.

However, you don’t want to shut yourself off and shut yourself in where you can’t see outside and know what is going on.

You Need Your Daytime Privacy

There is an easy solution to this problem and that is by using a one-way window film for daytime privacy.

One way window film offers a high level of daytime privacy with its mirrored finish. 

The reflective finish of the window film gives the glass a one-way mirror effect when there is more light on one side than on the other, as during the daytime.

So during the day, people on the outside of the window can't see in through the glass, while you can see clearly through the window from the inside.

Window Film World (WFW) has several options in one-way mirror film that will give you the privacy that you need, and yet be able to see the world outside your window still.

The beauty of window film is that it can be applied to fit any windows in rooms that you want privacy in. 

You could apply the reflective privacy film to windows that are on the ground floor like bathroom windows, bedrooms, or patio doors. 

WFW has a one-way mirror adhesive film in a roll. The rolls are 100 feet long and come in four different widths. That makes it the perfect size for larger areas such as sliding glass door walls. 

This allows you to be able to have curtains or blinds open during the day. You have the peace of mind knowing that others cannot see inside your home, while you can see what is going on outside. 

The privacy film will still allow natural light into your home, but the amount of light that the film lets in will depend on the darkness of the tint that you have chosen.  

For smaller areas, like the glass panels around an entry door, or for bathroom windows, WFW has EZ film one-way mirror film that is 78” long and comes in two different widths.

It is a static cling film that can be repositioned or even moved. This film is also ideal for giving you the privacy you would want for your garage windows. 

How Does Privacy Film Work?

Window privacy film is made by layering a very thin layer of reflective material in between an adhesive layer on the bottom and a protective layer on the top. 

When sunlight reflects off the window to which the privacy film is applied, a one-way mirror effect occurs, which blocks anyone outside from seeing in. 

If a darker and more reflective the film is, the stronger the one-way mirror effect is.

While the mirror effect needs sunlight during the daytime to block the view from the outside, at night, this effect gets reversed.

When it is dark outside, and lights get turned on inside the house, the mirrored effectiveness of the film is limited. 

One way glass film needs the light from outside to function. Since nighttime is when your outward visibility is restricted, and it is usually when you will close the drapes or blinds anyway, the need for the reflective abilities of the window film is not needed.

WFW carries the one-way mirror static cling film in both a 13” X 14’ and a 36” X 100’ roll. With the static cling, you can remove the cling and place it elsewhere if so desired. 

If you are renting and want to take it with you when you go or if you're going to use it temporarily, the static cling is ideal.

Heat reduction and UV blocking

Privacy might be the main reason you would want a privacy window film on your windows, but there is another benefit to having a reflective window film. 

The high level of reflectivity that the window film provides makes them perfect for keeping your rooms from becoming overheated in the summer. 

This will save on your air conditioning costs. You will not have to cool down certain places, like your bedroom, to make them comfortable to be in. 

The reflective film blocks up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that fade your carpet, furniture, and wall art. 

You can have the pleasure of being able to have your window treatments open during the day, and being able to see out without any damage to your possessions from UV rays.  

If you have a home office, the reflective window film will block out any glare. You will be able to work on your computer, read or watch television without having to close the curtains to remove the glare. 

This also means that you can place your furniture where it is most convenient for your lifestyle, rather than having to place it out of the direct sunlight.


Another advantage of a one-way window film is that you can install it yourself. The film is made to be installed on the interior of the window glass. 

There is no need for working on the outside of your home, and this is especially beneficial if you are living in a high rise or an apartment building. 

The film lasts longer, too, when it is installed on the inside of the window where it is not exposed to the elements. 

You can expect adhesive window film to last at ten years, depending on where it is installed. 

A window that gets direct sun will need replacing sooner than a more shaded window. Even so, ten years is a great length of time for the product to be effective.

WFW has two types of mirror window films, one is adhesive, and one is static cling. The adhesive window film will be applied using a liquid solution. 

This solution allows the film to be maneuvered into place. The liquid is then squeezed out using a squeegee, and the film will then adhere to the glass.

This video shows how to install adhesive window film.

Static cling window film does not use an adhesive. The film is applied directly to the glass, and the thin material works like a suction cup when pressed onto the window surface.

Watch this video to see that it is easy to install static cling window film. 

This makes it easy to apply and to remove. Static cling window film will last about three to four years.

In Conclusion

One-way window film for daytime privacy is an easy and inexpensive solution to an important issue. You love urban living and thrive in that environment.

Your daytime privacy, however, is equally important and can be assured with the addition of a window film that lets you see without being seen. 

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