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Check out our Sale Items! Deals up to 30%-40% off!
Best Window Films for Day and Night Privacy

Best Window Films for Day and Night Privacy

Privacy is essential for most people. You want to feel secure in your home and being able to control who can see into your dwelling is one of the ways you can control that aspect of privacy. 

Less expensive than curtains, which only do their job when closed, window film allows you to protect your privacy while still letting filtered light into your home's rooms. 

Besides privacy, window film reduces glare making it perfect for a home office or to make watching TV easier. 

Another advantage of window film is that it is inexpensive and you can install it yourself. 

It is also easily removed, so if you rent your property, window film will give you the privacy you need without damaging the property. 

Carpets, furniture, and your favorite painting are in danger of being ruined and faded by the sun's rays. 

Window film blocks those harmful UV rays. You will no longer have to position your possessions in the room so that they are not in the sun, but be able to place them where you want.

Window Film World Privacy Films can protect your privacy and furniture and keep your home bright and cheerful at the same time.


Here are three of the best window films for daytime privacy:

Rice Paper Window Film Daytime Privacy | Frosted

Remember the rice paper in stationery stores that were used for elegant and quality missives? 

This privacy window cling has the same classic look and style. 

A flowing pattern that will compliment any room or area it is placed in, the Rice Paper window film is an easy DIY. 

There is no pattern to match, just a subtle look reminiscent of enlarged fibers of paper. 

The window film has a frosted, ivory-like, textured look that will block the view into your house. 

Perfect for storm or entry doors, the Rice Paper film will block 99% of UV-B rays and 91% of UV-A rays. 

Your room will be filled with soft, filtered light, and you will have the added security of knowing that you are in control of who sees into your home.

Scroll Flower Daytime Privacy Window Film

Delicate and graceful, this scroll patterned privacy film adds elegance to the room it is in. 

Scroll Flower

This textured and embossed pattern goes with any decor and transforms the plain glass surface into a pleasing facade. 

Perfect for the bathroom or a child's playroom, this flower pattern gives just the right amount of daytime privacy without darkening the room itself. 

Easy to install, the static cling window film does not need any adhesive and peels off if you want to change the pattern. 

This pattern would also go well on glass shower doors or the glass doors of kitchen cupboards.

Boardwalk | Semi-Privacy Window Film For Daytime Privacy

An eye-pleasing set of frosted squares and clear lines gives a distinctive and formal look to your doors and windows. 

Frosted squares in this pattern cover 93% of the design to provide you with privacy during the day. 

The Boardwalk static cling offers visibility in the clear lines that make up only 7% of this classic pattern. 

You will be able to see through the line portion of the design, but anyone on the outside will not be able to see in from a few feet away. 

If you live in an apartment and have a less than stellar view, the Boardwalk pattern will be the ideal solution. 

While the film will allow for your privacy, the pattern will not darken the room; rather, it will diffuse and soften the light coming in. 

95% of the UV rays will be filtered so that your carpet and furniture will not be sun-faded. The cost of having to replace furnishing because of sun damage can be costly. 

The Boardwalk semi-privacy window film is inexpensive and you can put it on doors and windows yourself, saving even more money. 


Here are three of the best nighttime privacy window films:

Odyssey Privacy Film

If you would like to add some color and charm to your windows while maintaining your privacy, the Odyssey Window film will fit the bill. 

Composed of a contemporary stained glass fashion in complementary blues and greens, this pattern will go with any decor. 


The pattern looks like leaded glass and is not the run of the mill, but a unique design that you will not see elsewhere. 

This pattern adds a loveliness that maintains your privacy without being blatant about it. It looks entirely decorative, but it is effective at blocking the view from unwanted viewers. 

This beautiful pattern will also block 99% of UV-B rays and 91% of UV-A rays. It will keep your valued possessions safe from the harmful rays that fade and damage belongings. 

Continue this same patterned privacy film throughout your house on glass shower doors or kitchen cabinets. 

Easy to install, this static cling film will add warmth and appeal to your home.

Black Out Privacy Film For Night Privacy

This adhesive window film is for when you are serious about blocking all light from entering and creating 100% privacy. 

The blackout privacy film is exactly like the name sounds; there will be no light entry through windows that have this film installed on them. 

This is an excellent film for home offices, nurseries, bathrooms, and any other room that you want to limit the light and secure your privacy. 

The blackout privacy film is also suitable for someone who works a night shift and needs to sleep during the day. 

It will be much more effective than curtains or blackout drapes as it will adhere to the glass of the window with no gaps. 

As this film installs easily, and you are doing the installation yourself, you can place the film however you want. 

You could choose to do just half of the window, or if you have double-hung windows, you could do the bottom half and leave the top half undone. 

Not only does this privacy film keep anyone outside from seeing inside, but it also blocks 96% of the UV light and so saves your furniture, carpet, and wall art from fading.

Mirror Window Film For Night Privacy

You can transform your windows with a mirror type finish that gives you both daytime and nighttime privacy. 

This privacy film looks great from the outside, with it reflecting the landscape back to any visitors. 

At night, the window film will block about 95% of the light to give you a high level of privacy. 

During daylight hours, any ambient light will reflect the mirror film's surface, making it impossible to see inside. Yet, at the same time, you will be able to see outside. 

This film is excellent for around doors that have accent glass as it gives you an added security to be able to see who is at your door without them being able to see inside. 

At night, there is still a very high level of reflection from street or porch lights. 

You can transform your windows, add a layer of security and achieve an attractive appearance for your home with this easy-install static cling window film.

In Conclusion

Window films can solve privacy issues and give you peace of mind when in your home. 

They are problem solvers, decorative and protection for your expensive possessions. Window films eliminate glare and reduce incoming heat. 

They are also easy to install so that you can do it yourself. Even second and third stories are not an issue for installation because window film is installed on the inside of windows. 

Postionable, easily removed and in some cases re-usable, window films are the practical answer to privacy problems. 

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