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Benefits of Using Window Film For Sun Control

Benefits of Using Window Film For Sun Control

In my part of the country, the weather is heating up. Now is a great time to protect your home from summer heat and sun with window film . 

You know that the air conditioning costs will go up as the heat in your home builds up. High energy costs are not the way you want to spend your money. 

But you also don't want to wilt indoors. Window tinting can help you save money on energy costs so that you can spend it on fun things...not on bills.

Another reason to add window film is that sun blocking window film is one of the most popular products on the market. 

Sun blocking window film will block the sun's heat, prevent glare, minimize hot spots and block UV rays, which are harmful to your skin in addition to protecting your possessions.

Window Film for Sun Control Saves on Energy Costs

Window Film World has a selection of one-way mirror film that has a high level of reflectivity. 

This makes them perfect for helping to keep the rooms of your house from becoming overheated in the summer. 

Not only will you be more comfortable in your home, but you will also save on air conditioning costs. 

Areas of your home, like the bedrooms, will remain cooler with the reflective window films. 

On some days, you might be able to keep your home cooler on a higher air conditioner setting or maybe even with just fans.

Window Film World (WFW) has several options in One-Way Mirror Film | Adhesive Film (Roll) that will give you the protection from the sun that you need, and yet be able to see the world outside your window still.


Keep Furniture, Carpet, and Artwork From Fading

One of the aspects of reflective window film that most people appreciate is that they can keep their window treatments open during the day. 

You will be able to see out and the film will block potential damage to your carpet and furniture from harmful UV rays. 

Even the art on your walls will be safe from fading when the reflective film blocks the damaging rays of the sun.

The reflective film is great for bedrooms and it is also perfect for a home office. 

So many people are working from home these days, and it is imperative to have a place to do that work without glare. 

You will be able to work comfortably without the heat and glare on your computer and any other device. 

You will be able to configure your home office in the manner that suits you best, rather than having to place your furniture out of the direct sunlight.

Gives You Privacy

You will be able to see who is at your door before seeing you when you use EZ Film One-Way Mirror Film | (Static Cling)

This gives you the option of knowing who is at your door and deciding if you want to allow them entry. 

These options come in various sizes to do the areas with different size areas of glass. One-Way Mirror Static Cling Film can do the areas around a door. 

It will protect against the sun, add privacy and give a very stylish look to your door.

If you or someone in your family works a night shift, you know how hard it can be to sleep during the day when there is bright sunshine coming through the windows. 

The mirrored window film will help keep the sun out, but there is also another option. That option is Opaque Blackout Film | Privacy (Adhesive)

This film will completely block out the light coming in through the windows. Maybe you need it on just one or two of the windows in the room. 

Or on one side or the other of a window. You could also just do the top or bottom depending on how much light you would light to cut down on. 

The blackout film allows no light to enter, keeping out 96% of the UV rays, blocks the heat in the summer and gives you privacy while sleeping.

This is great for someone who sleeps during the day or in the baby’s nursery. 

You Can Install It Yourself

There are numerous reasons to use window film for sun control. One of the main reasons is that you can do it yourself! 

Doing it yourself gives you more control over the process, and saves you a lot of money in the bargain.

Secondly, the film is applied to the inside of the window. If you live in an apartment or a high rise, you will still be able to apply the film to your windows. 

So no ladders on the outside of your home or risking a fall when doing second-floor windows.

WFW has two types of mirror window films, one is adhesive, and one is static cling. The adhesive window film will be applied using a liquid solution.

This solution allows the film to be maneuvered into place. The liquid is squeezed out using a squeegee, and the film will then adhere to the glass.

This video shows how to install adhesive window film.

Static cling window film does not use an adhesive. The film is applied directly to the glass, and the thin material works like a suction cup when pressed onto the window surface.

Watch this video to see that it is easy to install static cling window film.

Not only is this a great option to be able to put it on yourself, but you can also remove it should you decide to do so. 

The static cling could be removed and re-adhered to a different window, or back on the same one if you so choose.

In Conclusion

You want to be comfortable in your home. Mirrored window film is the perfect solution for doing so. 

It is affordable, and you can install the film yourself. As the film is installed on the inside of the glass, you can safely add the film no matter if you live in an apartment or have a second story. 

The reflective film helps to keep energy costs down and helps to minimize hot spots in your home. 

There is no glare from windows that have the film on it, and you will not experience that unwanted glare on your TV while gaming or your computer while working. 

The reflective film will keep your valuable assets like furniture, carpeting, and art from being damaged and fading from the sun. 

You will also have more privacy and a sense of security when the film is on the windows, and you can see out during the day, and no one can see in. 

The film adds to your home's attractiveness as it is stylish and will fit with any decor.

Using window film for sun control will benefit you as a homeowner and make your home a more comfortable place to be.

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