Appeal of Screen Door Magnets

Appeal of Screen Door Magnets

Repairing or replacing screen doors in your home can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Screen door magnets deliver a highly cost-effective and convenient alternative. With such a wide variety of screen door magnets to choose from—different shapes, colors, and sizes—it’s easy to find options that will suit your specific needs.

Screen Door Magnets for Hole, Rip, and Tear Repair

One of the most popular applications of these screen door magnets is for tears, rips, and holes in screen doors. Once a tear or rip occurs in your screen door, the screen material becomes significantly more vulnerable, and it’s only a matter of time before it starts spreading further, fast. Screen door magnets come in a package of two matching reversed magnets. All you need to do is put a magnet on one side of your screen door, and then place the other magnet directly on the other side of the screen door. This allows the magnets to powerfully cling to each other from each side.

Save Time and Money with Screen Door Magnets

Installing these reverse magnets is extremely quick and simple, taking just a minute versus what can take upwards of an hour using the screen door repair kit alternative. Plus, screen door magnets are often available at a lower or highly competitive price compared to kits—not to mention, they can help prevent you from having to purchase an entirely new screen door. Not only that, but you’ll also get a much longer life out of your magnets versus a repair kit. Repair kits often provide just a temporary fix, and are still vulnerable to future tearing. Thanks to more durable material that can withstand adverse weather conditions and will not rust, there’s no virtually no risk of the magnets tearing or degrading, which helps you get more bang for your buck. And thanks to their impermeable material, these magnets are also highly effective at preventing pesky and potentially dangerous insects and tiny invaders from entering your home.

Screen Door Magnets Provide Cost-Effective Decorations

Not only do these screen door magnets help fix holes, tears, and rips in your door, they provide fun, colorful, and stylish decorations. Screen doors are typically a drab and dreary grey or black, which allows the colors of these screen door magnets to pop with brilliant contrast and provide lively accents. That’s why many people purchase these screen door magnets even if they don’t have a hole to hide or a tear to repair. You can choose from nature, patriotic, paradise, and countless other themes. It’s easy to find magnets that perfectly match virtually any setting or decor, including your everyday living spaces, beach houses, and even those that are pet-themed and look like your own furry friends. Plus, the bright and colorful designs of these magnets provide a highly visible marker on your door, which helps prevent people from walking through an otherwise hard to see door. This can help prevent future damage to your door, and save you money in the future. Our most popular items are Palm Trees, 

Screen door magnets also provide a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to dress up a dreary office window. And since they’re not permanent, they’re ideal for apartments or locations you don’t own, where you’d normally need to get permission from the property owner before making any permanent installations. This also means you get to take them with you when you leave. And since they’re so easy to put on and take off, people have also found it fun to buy several options, swapping them out to fit their current mood. Similarly, children have a blast being able to pick what goes on the screen door, and they’re easy enough for most ages of children to apply themselves.

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