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Free shipping on all orders of $100 or more! (USA only)

South Sea Wall Mural

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The South Sea is one of the most idealized regions. This region, far, far away from the busy and industrial zones that consume so much space, offers a rare and exquisite place of peace and beauty. You get to enjoy that rare and special peace within your own home with a South Seawall mural.

Thanks to super quick and easy application, you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the South Sea in just minutes. With such realistic imaging and vivid coloring, you will feel like you are right there on the beach. Just imagine individual grains of sand dancing across your skin as your feet sift through tiny seashells. Look at this wall mural long enough and you will probably even feel the softest of tropical breezes softly rolling through your home.

Even the most famous of poets have found it nigh impossible to describe in detail the beauty of the South Sea. This is a special opportunity to enhance any room in your home with unique and indescribable beauty.

A palm tree extends over the shore on a perfect beach day in this island scene wall mural.

  • 6' x 8'4"
  • 4 Panel Mural
  • Paste Included
  • Vinyl Coated Paper