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Free shipping on all orders of $100 or more! (USA only)

Sea Corals Wall Mural

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Have you ever seen a rainbow under water? That is exactly what you will see within the magical underwater world delivered by a sea corals wall mural. This fantastically fun wall hanging grants an up close and personal view directly into the lives of fish living off the underwater bounty provided by the essential coral reef. The coral reef largely makes life possible for countless types of sea creatures, and you can clearly see that it is teaming with life. 

Since this wall hanging is twelve feet wide and over four feet high, combined with the ultra-realistic image quality, it will have you feeling like you are swimming right there with all of those beautiful fish. This is a truly special view into underwater life that you rarely get to experience.

This sea coral wall mural combines the entertainment of myriad vivid colors with the relaxation that naturally comes with the slower pace and comprehensive harmony of sea life. That means you can look forward to enjoying both uplifted spirits as well as supreme calm and a strengthened sense of wellbeing. You can easily enhance any room in your home with this mural.

A deep sea adventure awaits you! This vibrant wall mural is filled with colorful coral, tropical fish and surprises to be had around every corner.

  • Printed on Non Woven
  • Paste included
  • Comes with 4 panels
  • Measures 12ft x 4ft 2in