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Free shipping on all orders of $100 or more! (USA only)

Makena Beach Wall Mural

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Makena beach runs along the coast of Makena, which is south of Wailea on the island of Maui, Hawaii. You get to enjoy the special opportunity to have this absolutely divine tropical paradise within your own home. How is that possible? With a Makena Beach wall mural. This is a rare opportunity to capture the impossible beauty of what is often referred to as the Big Beach or Oneloa Beach, an ever-popular spot for tourists coming from all over the world to sunbath and get golden rich tans. People, both tourists and native locals, also absolutely love the body boarding and surfing here.

Makena Beach, or Big Beach, is actually over one and half miles long, and this wall mural perfectly conveys just how big it is thanks the expansive panorama view and perspective as well as the inherent size of the image itself.

You can tell from the very calm and gentle ocean water meeting the sandy beach that this section of Hawaii is very well protected from the wind. This serves to deliver a very real and solid feeling of calming peace every time you look at this lovely mural.

Makena Beach is a Maui, Hawaii paradise. This radiant wall mural has all the elements of a tropical perfection, sun, sand, and surf as the sparkling light of sunset graces the crashing waves. Bring this magnificent wall mural to your space for a dreamy transformation. This high-definition photo mural is 72" x 50" and comes as one easy to install panel.

  • 6' x 4'2"
  • 1 Panel Mural
  • Paste Included
  • Vinyl Coated Paper