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Free shipping on all orders of $100 or more! (USA only)

Lighthouse Wall Mural

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The lighthouse is one of the most iconic symbols of the sea and beach. You get to enjoy one of the most classic images in any room of your choosing. A lighthouse wall mural can instantly convert and renovate your room.

People enjoy the comprehensive feeling of calm that comes from this symbol of strength amidst chaos. No matter how fierce the storm swirling about, the light from this age-old structure can always be seen. There is a special feeling of fortitude that comes from the elegant might of the lighthouse, which serves to be both a literal and figurative guiding light for all people. Enjoy the special serenity that comes from knowing that no matter how dark certain challenges may be, there will always be a brilliantly strong light showing you the way.

Taking in this absolutely striking scene, you can almost hear the waves crashing up against the rocks. And out past the rocks, swirling around the lighthouse is the rich, deep blue of the ocean, which is contrasted by the wispy white clouds gently floating above.

Lighthouses have a classic nautical chic symbolism, set where the land meets the sea. This lighthouse wall mural features a magnificent view, with a rocky jetty breaking up the ocean and the sky, a noble white lighthouse rising up against the clouds. The wall mural is designed with the beauty and quality inherent to a National Geographic image.

  • This mural measures 72 in x 48 in
  • Comes with 4 panels
  • Printed on prepasted vinyl coated paper