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Check out our Sale Items! Deals up to 30%-40% off!
Check out our Sale Items! Deals up to 30%-40% off!

Toilet Tattoos Decals

Toilet Tattoos™ are hygienic, removable, static cling decorations for your toilet seat lid. Made from static cling vinyl film, these toilet seat decorations easily wipe clean, are so easy to apply and they are reusable. Just peel the backing, put in place, and smooth it out. Your throne has never looked so good.

Hygienic static cling film can be readily wiped clean. They are reusable and have no adhesives, so if stored properly on the paper backing, they can be used again and again, year after year. Easily removed and cannot damage toilet seat lid.

Both round and Elongated toilet seat lids are common. Typically the length of the Elongated is 2 1/2" inches more than the width. Be sure to measure your lid to determine which to order. Part of the lid may be visible around the Toilet Tattoo depending on the size of your toilet lid.

All Toilet Tattoos are available in both 12" x 15" Elongated or 12" x 13.5" Round.

Not recommended for cushioned or wooden toilet seat lids.