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Clear Glass Door Safety and Awareness Film

You want to ensure a safe environment in your home. You also want your home to look its best at all times. Oftentimes, it’s a big challenge accomplishing both at the same time. But it’s never been easier thanks to the help of these glass door safety decals. 

With these static cling decals, you get to treat yourself to brand new beautiful views with great ease. You are sure to enjoy the lovely etched glass decals, frosted window and door decals, stained glass vinyl decals and more. The wide variety of beautiful, cute, luxurious, elegant, and fun designs makes it easy to find something that will perfectly complement your home’s existing interior and exterior design.  

You get to enjoy a whole new look for your windows and doors at the fraction of how much it would normally cost to get an actual etched glass window or door—achieve high-quality visual effects in just minutes. And the brilliant, vibrant, and very easy to see designs help promote optimal safety in your home since people will readily see the door and not accidentally walking into or through it. This is definitely one of the most decorative ways to prevent bumps and bruises and even costly broken glass in your home.  

For those of you in very close proximity to neighboring homes and for those of you with windows and doors that face the street, you will appreciate the inexpensive and ultra convenient privacy afforded by our frosted, tinted, and dense pattern decals. They look amazing from both inside and out while preventing a direct and open view into your home, granting the peaceful seclusion you desire.  

Clear glass door safety and awareness film is an affordable and easy way to decorate and protect. And since the static cling contains no adhesives, you can move them around to different doors and windows without ever making a mess.

It has likely happened to you or at least a family member - walking into a closed glass door. Embarrassing, awkward and sometimes downright painful, you've plunged head first into a sliding glass door that was closed. Ellen DeGeneres did a hilarious skit that sums it up quite well:

YouTube is loaded with videos showing how funny it is to walk into clear glass.

But if it happens to you, or if you have houseguests or if you are in business it just might not seem quite as humorous.

Check it out:

So what is the answer?

In the United Kingdom, it has been a law for several years that all glass partitions and clear glass doors be clearly identified. They call it glass manifestation. Considering the lawsuits, don't be surprised to see our own Occupational Safety and Health Administration create a similar regulation.

Surprisingly, to prevent running into glass doors is quite easy and quite inexpensive. All you need is some clearly visible markings on the door. Preferably two locations. One between 32" and 40" from the floor and one between 55" and 63" from the floor. That makes the glass visible for young and old, short people and tall people and even pets.

Even if it's just a few small etched glass welcome decals, you might just save a broken nose or two.

All border decals are ideal for glass door safety without blocking your view in or out.

Below are some more great ideas below. Use your imagination and be safe.

It's not just for people. Let's think about the Birds.

Duke researchers hope to make campus building more bird-friendly using window film.

Birds fly free at Duke after adding patterned film.

What About Screen Door Safety and Awareness?

Ever had this happen?


Stop Running into Screen Doors. Here is another very easy solution. Add some adorable Screen Door Magnets. Just takes a few seconds to install and no more broken screen doors.