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Circles Window Film

Decorative Window Film Circles

The circles can be arranged in any fashion and rearranged at any time. Unlike most other window films on this site, the Circles are applied individually rather than one large sheet.

Available in Lite Frosted Film and Frosted Film. Have some fun.


Circles are available in privacy version:
 Frosted Privacy and Lite Frosted Privacy.
Circle Window FilmEach circle is applied individually, making it easy to transform your glass from ordinary to extraordinary.

Each set of Circles is pre-cut on a roll of film and contains 8 circles - See illustration on right.

1 - 18" Circle
1 - 14" Circle
1 - 11.5" Circle
1 - 10" Circle
2 - 6" Circles and
2 - 5" Circles

Use Deco Circles on nearly any size glass. Circles can also be cut in half to create even more designs and combinations.


Features - Specifications

  1. Adhesive free static cling film.
  2. Applies to window cleaner or soapy water solution.
  3. Clings to any flat, smooth, non-porous glass or Plexiglas surface.
  4. Clean as you would normal glass with glass cleaner and a soft rag or paper towels.
  5. Moisture and steam have no effect. Works great for bathrooms or showers.
  6. Vinyl 8-mil film helps insulate glass and save energy.
  7. Filters 95% of damaging UV rays.
  8. Reduces visibility somewhat - primarily for decorative affect.
  9. Easy to trim to size with sharp scissors or utility knife.
  10. Removes easily with no residue when it's time to redecorate.
  11. Instructions and application squeegee are included.
  12. All products and packaging made in U.S.A.

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