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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99

Brewster Window Film

Would you like to completely transform an entire room in just a few minutes? It’s a whole lot easier than you think. Brewster window film makes interior design and redecorating fun and easy. Delivering both creative designs and reliable durability, Brewster is a brand you can truly trust in your home.  

From bamboo and elegant cut glass floral designs to inspired mosaics and timeless stained glass effects, you are sure to find the exact style that will provide an optimal match with your existing interior.  

Our customers often talk about how they love how much Brewster static cling window film successfully livens up their home. They also love the flexible options, which also include textured designs. This variety of Brewster film makes it easy to place them in any room of your home. Plus, if you have a window or door that faces an adjacent apartment or house, you can also use these items to integrate instant privacy, including whole, opaque options as well as semi-privacy window film if you only wish to cover the bottom half of your window.  

Not only do you get to enjoy the relaxation and comfort that comes with privacy, you’ll also rest assured of improved security since many of these options can prevent people from looking in and seeing the contents of your home. This same privacy and security feature also affords protection against glaring sun. You’ll still be able to enjoy the warm glow of sunlight without exposure to intense direct rays. And you have the option of selecting certain etched Brewster window film that allows for full light to come through the clear areas of the decal, which creates some wonderfully dynamic visual effects. 

You’ll love the comprehensive style you can achieve with just a single window film. This also means you can save a bundle of money by opting for Brewster window film instead of buying a permanent window or having custom etching done. In fact, for the price you’d pay for custom work, you could likely decorate your whole house with Brewster film for the same price. 

Installation is ultra convenient, requiring no tools. (Note: For larger window film, it may help to have someone help you hold the film as you use a ruler to gently glide down the face of the film to make sure it goes on smooth and straight.) Plus, if you later decide you’d like to move your window or door film to another room in your house, it’s very easy to do so. The static, non-adhesive cling means you never have to worry about any pesky residues or glues remaining on your surfaces.  

Treat yourself to the luxurious elegance and relaxing decoration you deserve.