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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99

Sale Items and Closeouts

These items are available in limited quantities. We originally offered adhesive films on another website to avoid confusion between adhesive and static cling film. We currently still offer a few adhesive selections on this page.

Some items below are adhesive-backed, some are static cling. All are clearly marked.

If you are needing an inexpensive covering or film for smaller width windows or doors, this is the way to go.

Adhesive and static cling films are installed the same, by wetting the glass with a soap and water solution, then installing the film. The adhesive films are still removable, and although they are considerably harder to pull off the glass, they will still come off in one piece. If the film has been on the glass for many years, there may be some residue on the glass after it is peeled off.

When installing adhesive films, it is very important not to let the film stick to itself before applying. Other than that, you will be quite pleased with the ease of installing.