Screen Door Magnets - Screen Door Savers

OH NO! Not another broken screen door. Screen Door Saver Magnets are attractive, flexible rubber magnets for screen door awareness.

Screen Door Magnets - Screen Door Savers

Screen Door Saver Magnets

STOP! The screen is closed. Avoid accidentally walking into closed sliding screen doors. With Screen Door Magnets in place, it visually lets you, your guests and even your pets know the screen is closed.

Broken Screen Door Cartoon

But, they are not just for screen door awareness. These adorable magnets have really caught on as the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to cover those pesky little holes in your screens that nearly everyone has. No more need for those ghastly looking screen repair kits or the outrageously expensive screen replacement. Just cover the hole with screen magnets. Each package comes with a set of two matching reversed magnets. One for each side of the screen. Just stick them together and bingo, the hole is gone. Of course we know that the hole is always in such an odd place. That's where the fun comes in creating a scene that makes it all look like it belongs. Just imagine the arrangements you could make on your pool cage or patio. See illustrations at bottom of page.

What exactly are screen door magnets? Screen Door Magnets are flexible, rubberized magnetic material that are die-cut into two identical magnets which are placed back to back with the screening in between. They work on any type of screening material, will not rust, and stand up to adverse weather conditions. Sorry, the screen door magnets will NOT work for roll up or retractable screens.

Screen Door Magnets - Screen Door Savers

Order 1 or order 10, it's $2.95 Flat Rate Shipping on Screen Door Magnets

Blue Shells Screen Door Magnets Hummingbird Sreen Door Magnets Purple Pansies Screen Door Magnets
Screen Door Magnets Page One Screen Door Magnets Page Two Screen Door Magnets Page Three
Dragonfly Screen Magnets on Page 1 Hibiscus Screen Door Magnets on Page 2 Sea Turtle Screen Magnets on Page 3
Screen Door Magnets can also be separated and used on your refrigerator, stove or any metal surface. Perfect for personalizing steel mailboxes. One for each side - see photo at bottom.

Be warned though, you'll want to grab more than one. These cute screen decorations will capture your heart and you'll want more. Not to mention that your mother, sister, friends, neighbors and cousins will all be wanting some of their own. They make wonderful gifts.

Fun and So Easy to apply.
Separate the double-sided magnets and align on each side of screen.
Black sides of magnets must face each other.
Magnets can also be separated and used as 2 magnets on any metal surface.

If buying more than 1 of a particular design, be sure to keep the
fronts & backs together as a set or they may not cling to each other correctly.

Have fun creating numerous scenes!
Damaged Screen?

Damaged Screen?

Fix It (well, cover it) with Screen Magnets.

Fix Holes in Screen with Screen Door Magnets 1 Fix Holes in Screen with Screen Door Magnets 2
Fix Holes in Screen with Screen Door Magnets 3 Fix Holes in Screen with Screen Door Magnets 4
Screen Magnets also make Adorable Mailbox Personalization.

Screen Magnets on Mailbox
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