Lite Frosted Privacy Window Film

Lite Frosted Privacy film, very similar to Frosted but is more translucent and allows just a bit more visibility through the glass. It is still a total windows privacy film that allows the light in. Ideal for residential and commercial locations. Along with the Frosted, it has traditionally been one of our best selling films. Contains real, finely ground glass, adding the sparkle of real frosted glass windows.

Lite Frost Privacy Window Film

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Available in Sizes:
8" x 96" - $21.95
16" x 74" - $34.95
16" x 96" - $43.95
24" x 37" - $24.95
24" x 74" - $49.95
24" x 96" - $59.95
32" x 74" - $64.95
32" x 96" - $74.95
48" x 48" - $59.95
48" x 74" - $84.95
48" x 96" - $99.95

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Additional Views

Lite Frost Privacy Film on Window
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Lite Frost Privacy Film on Patio Doors
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Lite Frost Privacy Film
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Sidelights with Lite Frost Privacy Film
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Frosted Window Film

Frosted Privacy Film
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Lite Frosted Window Film

Lite Frosted Privacy Window Film
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Frosted Privacy or Lite Frosted Privacy? What is the difference?

Click the images above for more clarification. The Frosted Film on the left is only 4" from the brightly colored background. The Lite Frosted Film on the right is about 12" from the background and you are still able to detect the colors.

With Frosted Privacy Film on your front door, if someone were standing 2 or 3 feet from your door, you would not be able to see them and likely not see any shadows or colors. The person would have to be within about 1 foot of your door before you could tell there is someone there.

With Lite Frosted Privacy Film on your front door, if someone were standing 2 or 3 feet from your door, you would be able to see vague shadows and colors. While you would know there was a person there, you still have total privacy and would not see any details.

Video below shows degree of privacy for Frost and Lite Frost Film.

Features - Specifications
  1. Adhesive free static cling film.
  2. Applies with window cleaner or soapy water solution.
  3. Clings to any flat, smooth, non-porous glass or Plexiglas surface.
  4. Clean as you would normal glass with glass cleaner and soft rag or paper towels.
  5. Moisture and steam have no affect. Ideal for bathrooms or showers enclosures.
  6. Vinyl 8-mil film helps insulate glass and save energy.
  7. Softens and diffuses glare of harsh sun but still allows most light through.
  8. Filters 95% of damaging UV rays.
  9. Hides or reduces an unwanted or unappealing view.
  10. Easy to trim to size with sharp scissors or utility knife.
  11. Removes easily with no residue when it's time to redecorate.
  12. Instructions and application squeegee are included.
  13. All products and packaging made in U.S.A.
  14. Don't see the size large enough for what you need? Frosted Film can be installed using more than one piece. See FAQ
Unsolicited Customer Comments

"Just wanted to express my satisfaction with your company. From the ordering process, to delivery, to user-ease of installation, your company and your product met and exceeded my expectations. Thank you." - Mario - Middletown, CT

"This is my second order - love the product - easy to use and looks great!" - Karen - West Kingston, RI

"What a fabulous product! Literally took seconds to do each pane yet looks like the real thing! I just had to let you know how impressed I am!" - Nancy - Farmington, CT

"The film arrived on Thursday and we installed it on Friday after work. It was so easy to cut and apply, and was exactly what we were looking for. Our Border Terrier has an anxiety disorder, and his behaviorist recommended we cover the lower half of our six-over-six living room windows to keep him from looking outside and barking at the passing dogs and people. It works like a charm! Just wanted to tell you thanks for offering such a great product!" Doug & Diane - Royal Oak, MI

"Hi Guys -- just installed my window film, and it's awesome -- easy to install, looks great and is functional. Thanks so much!" - Andrew - Baltimore, MD

"Hi Duane, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the window film. I applied it yesterday. It was very easy to install and looks great inside and out." Dave - Henderson, NV

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